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  1. This is a common Delphi problem. Virus killers etc. Are sloppy and quite a few get flagged with this, until they bother to check more than just the header checksum or verisign resource. The binaries are safe, and we refuse to pay microsoft for a verisign license, because they do this on purpose to force developers to buy expensive signing certificates. We oppose such things on principle. The binaries are clean, checked and double checked. They are buildt in isolation with both microsoft security + virus killers active. We use bought and valid Delphi editions, and the few components w
  2. Its on now https://jonlennartaasenden.wordpress.com/2018/09/28/delphi-developer-competition/
  3. lennart

    Send an email ?

    You can force a click on a "a href:mailto" using RTL functionality, but for proper email sending i would write a micro-service in node and delegate it there.
  4. Ah yes this is a classic one. When we made the label control the whole font thing came up and bit us in the bottom. Because Delphi fonts and HTML fonts are very different. You have the "normal" font stuff, but you also have something called CSS fonts, which a lot of people uses. So to avoid killing the option for smart users using css-fonts (and glyphs) in their labels, I isolated the underline/bold etc as a function you call with the caption. If you look in the font class, all the way back to TW3CustomFont (unit System.Fonts), you find this function: function StyleText(
  5. Inline is interesting but we have no immediate plans for it. The way JS contexts work makes sub-procedures and anonymous procedures more or less the same thing. Macros in the C/C++ style or templates is much more interesting. Procedure TForm1.Something; var x, y, z: integer; procedure SomethingElse(const CB: TProcedureRef); begin if assigned(CB) then CB(); end; begin SomeThingElse( procedure () begin writeln("Not sure we need inline under JS"); end); end;
  6. lennart

    memo lines ?

    Look at the definition Memo.Lines is defined as an array of string. So you can do: for item in w3memo1.lines do begin writeln(item); end;
  7. lennart


    Awesome! Very interested in this! Cant wait to see more!
  8. TW3Sprite is not really meant for traditional game sprites like you and me know them. The first thing that comes to mind is wrapping the image-change in a TW3Dispatch.RequestAnimationFrame(), but there is no guarantee that it wont flicker. For "real sprites" I added a DrawTile() and DrawPart() functions in TW3Canvas. If you imagine a tile grid over a picture, say 32x32 pixels per tile, you can draw a spesific tile very quickly to the canvas. It will calculate the row/column based on the tile-size + tile number. So if you draw tile #32, and the tileset picture is 640 x 480 pixels i
  9. I was about to write that the snippet simply copies 2 by 2 hex characters and then converts that to an integer number. In pure pascal it would be a bit messy since pascal's StrToInt doesnt support hex (unless prefixed by $). ASM sections are very much needed, they might not be pretty (not too fond on them myself) but there are some fundamental code sections that would never work if we used pascal only. Speed is also a factor to keep in mind, especially for procedures that you will call many times. But you seem all set so i'll leave you to it! Happy coding!
  10. Use resourcestrings in a separate unit, easier
  11. Omg.. i am now a shade of pink. I am so sorry about that, ill have it removed asap!
  12. Hi David! The good news is that all the ordinary rules of html apply, everywhere. So you can for example set the text of a line with inline html (see listbox.items.add or listbox.add depending on version): ’<p style=«background-color: #ff0000»>hello red</p>’ The DOM will recognize this and inject it as is, which is both easy and fun. If you need more elaborate styling you might want to check the SmartCL.%css% units. There is a global stylesheet where you can inject full styles and then use that instead of inline styling. let me know if you run into difficul
  13. This we found our culprit: procedure TW3CanvasFont.ReadFontInfo; begin end; It doesnt parse the font information and expects to inherit from the container. This works fine on visual controls (TW3GraphicControl) but will naturally be a problem on a raw device context
  14. Hm, this is strange. The exposed "font" property of TBitmap is just a proxy, it relays the font property of TW3Canvas - which is the HTML5 canvas for that context. The canvas/bitmap stuff was a bit tricky because under HTML5 its completely opposite of what we have in Delphi or FPC. We are used to creating a bitmap and then attaching a TCanvas to that bitmap -- but in html5 the canvas holds the data while the context delegates access. But then again, everything in the JS world is topsy turvey at times. Its a bit like going from ordinary physics to quantum physics - you can throw your old notion
  15. Have a look in SmartCL.System, scroll down to line 1113, there you will find the class TW3URLObject: TW3URLObject = static class public class function GetObjectURL(const Text, Encoding, ContentType, Charset: string): string; overload; class function GetObjectURL(const Text: string): string; overload; class function GetObjectURL(const Stream: TStream): string; overload; class function GetObjectURL(const Data: TAllocation): string; overload; class procedure RevokeObjectURL(const ObjectUrl: string); // This cause a download in the browser
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