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  1. tgr

    problems with forum

    No worries. My question wasn't urgent, and I knew you guys were busy with the new release. I'll repost it later (when I remember out where I saved the word document...).
  2. tgr

    problems with forum

    I had problems posting to the forum last week. I tried a couple of times, but nothing showed up. Strange. Trond
  3. Perfect - works great! Thanks, Trond As for the color wheel: currently is is a standard HSV color wheel, but the idea is to implement it according to Goethes color theorem. The difference is that the HSV wheel has Aqua as the opposite color of red whereas Goethe uses green.
  4. Hi, I have been playing around with the SMS and created a small demo project (you can see an early version here): http://inwisdom.com/test/ Now I am in the process of converting the color wheel into a component. My component inherits from TW3GraphicControl. I need to redraw the component when the user clicks on the component, so I added methods to override CBMouseDown, CBMouseUp and CBMouseMove. I noticed, however, that my overriding methods never gets control unless I also assign handlers for OnMouseDown, OnMouseUp and OnMouseMove. This is a little differ
  5. tgr

    Class browser

    Just about a couple of suggestions for the class browser: - When resizing the dialog the metods list should expand / contract instead of the panel underneath it. - The "Cancel" button should be renamed "Close"
  6. tgr

    The "Find" dialog

    Yes, I did discover the ESC key. It certainly helps. It's just that I tend to forget to use it... Anyway - this is no big deal. I'm amazed at how far you have taken this product already.
  7. tgr

    The "Find" dialog

    I think the "Find" dialog could benefit from a little polish. It works different from the find dialog in Delphi, and quite often I need to use it a couple of times before I find what I'm looking for. Especially the "Cancel" button I find confusing. I press +F to open the find dialog and click the "Find" button once or more times to locate the correct line. Then I want to close the find dialog. There is no "Close" button, so I click "Cancel". The result is quite surprising...
  8. tgr

    OPP format

  9. tgr

    OPP format

    I would love a file format that works well with version control systems. Currently it seems that forms cannot be made external.
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