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    "Your Licence doesn't support versions built after 16/04/2014" (Despite the fact that the last two releases were primarily bug fixes) ok .. fine, whatever, But no way to download the older version again ?


    yeah, 9 - 11 fps on my eeepad. I just want to get the texturing right and then I'll have a look at optimisation.


    Ported a raycaster to SMS. Pretty pleased with the result, getting 180 fps in chrome and not even using double-buffering yet. use arrows to move. http://reidspace.com/rend/
  4. Hi could I get some FPS and loading time ratings please ? Just want to make sure its not running at 4 fps in everyone else's browser. (Use arrow keys to move) http://reidspace.com/dunjun/
  5. Hi Jorn Thanks for the reply, I want to use the Spritesheet for now. I solved it by removing the background in Paint.net.
  6. Hi I'm Using some TW3spritesheets and layering images on top of each other. How can I set the transparency of a sprite. Example
  7. Yeah, that seems to have sorted it .. Thanks
  8. Its on windows 7 64 bit btw Screenshot screenshot : http://reidspace.com/temp/Untitled.png
  9. No, the message appears as soon as I click on the frame.
  10. Hi Got an error message when I tried to resize the autocomplete/intellisense popup. "TScrollBarStyleHook.TscrollWindow threw exception : Invalid floating point operation"

    Rename Unit

    Hi Jorn The forms rename fine, its renaming units that doesn't seem to work.

    Rename Unit

    Hi Not a biggie, but I thought you'd like to know. Unless I'm missing something, I cant seem to rename a newly added Unit.
  13. Yeah sure, Just let me clean it up a bit first.. How do I send it to you ?
  14. UPDATE : doubled the X and added a little choon

    Byte Type

    Hiya CW Thanks for the reply Yeah, that's exactly why I wanted to use it, so that I dont have to do all the limiting myself .. good info .. chrz
  16. Hi All I thought I'd write an old-school plasma to test the speed of sms and canvas. Its a 400x400 real-time plot spaced 2 pixels apart, I get 14-18 fps on a fairly beefy machine so on older systems its probably not even going to move Still, I thought Id share.. I'll share some source code when I'm finished playing if anyone wants it .. chrz.. http://reidspace.com/demo/plasma/

    Byte Type

    Hi First off, great work on SMS, feels natural coming from delphi and looks to have a lot of potential. My question: Does SMS support Byte(normally in the System unit), if so, is there a Unit I need to include ? Otherwise, how and where could I declare it as a custom type ? Many thanks
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