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  1. Hello, I want to write an app in SMS an convert it to a executable with Nativefier. For this I created a Visual Components Project. Now I want to read a file form the filesystem. I tried it with NodeFsAPI.writeFileSync, but this throws an exception "require is not defined". It is clear that it won't work in the browser, but the behavior is the same when I created an .exe with Nativefier. Is there a way to use the NodeJS APIs this way? Thank You
  2. Jascha

    Using ECMA.Promise

    Is there somewhere an example how to use ECMA.Promise in the alpha version? I only find the example of Warleyalex but he uses a different Promise unit. If possible I would like to use the one shipped with SMS.
  3. Hello, I want to use the SQLite Database (TSQLiteDatabase) and save and load it to the local storage (TW3LocalStorage). Now the local storage works with strings, but the SQLite with Streams. How can I convert between string and stream? Thank You
  4. Hello, ich if I have an Application with more than 5 Forms. With Application.GotoForm I can switch to the first 5 forms. If I switch to the 6th form i get an error. Is there a way to solve this? I have attached an example Thanks FormCount.zip
  5. Something strange with the Forum, I tried to post the full function but always get a message like "Your message can not be postesd the this time"
  6. Hello, I just installed the latest Version Afterwards one of my asm blocks did not compile anymore. Error: Syntax Error: Invalid character (found "&") Line: var r = Math.random()*16|0, v = c == 'x' ? r : (r&0x3|0x8); I took the code from: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/105034/how-to-create-a-guid-uuid-in-javascript
  7. Jascha


    Hallo, is there any RTL support for the HTML5 File API? Thank You Jascha
  8. Hallo, is there some support for an autocomplete in edit fields. E.g. with a dropdown box which shows suggestions? (like in http://jqueryui.com/autocomplete/) Thank YOu Jascha
  9. Hallo, is it possible to deploy the HTML Page in UTF8? I can change the charset of the Content-Type in the index.html resource file. But all strings, which I code in pascal are still ISO-8859-1. I need UTF8 for some external Javascript libraries which except the input to be UTF8. Thank You
  10. I think there is a bug in FormatDateTime when I use 'd.m.yyyy' as format string, the month in the string is one to early FormatDateTime('d.mm.yyyy',29620) returns 3.1.1981 instead of 3.2.1981 I think the error lies here in FomatDateTime case "m": res+=dt.getUTCMonth(); break; case "mm": res+=pad2(dt.getUTCMonth()+1); break; case "mmm": res+=fmtShortMonthNames[dt.getUTCMonth()]; break; case "mmmm": res+=fmtLongMonthNames[dt.getUTCMonth()]; break; With "mm" the month is increased by 1. When I use mm the month is correct. I think in all cases the month has
  11. Ah thank you, this works perfect! I use 'auto' instead of 'scroll' so the scrollbars only appear when necessary: w3_setstyle(Handle,'overflow','auto');
  12. Hello, My target platfrom is a normal PC Browser. I realized, that it does not display scrollbars when the content does not fit the page. The main reason for this on the HTML side is, that every tag has overflow:hidden. I have read some similiar question here in the forum, but the solutions there do not really satisfy me. E.g. using an extra TW3ScrollControl inside the Form. This has 2 drawbacks 1. You cant use the form designer 2. You have to give it a height it does not stretch to the content. Is there a simple solution for this problem? The best would be a property in the fro
  13. Jascha


    It seemd that the compiler does not know initialization sections in units. The editor highlights the word but I get a Syntax Error. Are there plans to support initialization?
  14. Jascha

    Source Files

    I am looking for the source files (.pas) of the RTL Units. In beta times there where under the Smart directory. Now I can not find them anymore. It was very usefull to have them as files, so it was easy to see what units are available.
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