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  1. Think the best way not let smartmobilestudio (or even pascal at all) die is to open source dws=>javascript compiler+rtl, and ask money only for extended components and maybe for IDE in some cases. I told about it some years ago - it stays true today, because a few developers in spare from work time just can't create concurrent system, especially when many similar systems are under free licenses. If you will do that (opensource), from me i guarantee to transfer in smart fully working and concurrent (sencha, telerik and ect) UI framework with set of real working components ((used i
  2. Don't understand: in javascript exists embeded function String.IndexOf, and in delphi xe3 now exists the same IndexOf (as helper), in all my code i used exactly IndexOf - convenient variant, but in Smart i could't! - here only old Pos! Why?
  3. Ok. Is that possible to add new project template that can be much close to library analog. Or publsih some docs on SmartApi and explain content description of info.ini file sections to do it by myself.
  4. Thanks for demos. As you noted right, my framework don't need to use most or maybe even part of vjl rtl units, because the same ones already done in my framework as i need. But some of them i can use. Is that possible don't include in result js lib unnecessary modules? Or it will be done automaticaly by compiler-linker? If js module will be large - it will be uncompetitive compared to other frameworks, and there is no any reasons for me do it this way Also is that possible to add to compiler next option: don't generate in result programm (lib) html tegs and other unnecessary thin
  5. Eric, shall be very glad to see soon this demo and in the short term, the possibility of introducing in smart library-like type of project.
  6. Forget about obfuscation, jast take a look at any js lib - they usualy comes in 2 types: uncompressed - for development, and minified - for embedding in any ready project. I just want using Smart to DO: 1) Translate my existing delphi-freepascal framework (like thousands others in internet) , then compile it in single javascript file, not *. html, just *.js - like it would be in delphi: *.dll - pure code. 2) After that any end-user using my standalone programm *.exe written in delphi, could do some job inside it and as result of this job will be 3 parts: custom
  7. Is that possible to to create some framework in smart, consisted of some classes, functions, ect., then compile-obfuscate it in single *.js file, and than use it as a library from another module written in pure javascript? If so, how it can look like? Need special external difinition? Is there a special type of project-library in smart? Please answer - it is very important for me.
  8. in trial this options are disabled, so i can't check it by myself. think for the better promotion of the product need clearer comparison, as they solve a particular problem, and like you do it with smart, and above the demo - it's just a spherical horse in a vacuum, without giving an idea of ​​your strengths sides - just imho.........
  9. Didn't find in demos obfuscated and truncated code, to compare with the same functionality of jquery'code. You wrote that smart do more less and faster results - i belive, but before purchase want some evidences. Just point me to it, please.
  10. And it would be great to stay inside the topic after posting message, not jamp to top of forum.........
  11. ok, try to translate all my code to simple bitwise operations....... even afraid to ask about generics - i also used a lot of it
  12. Thanks, that's much better now!
  13. Jast entered my prev. post after 3 trys because of wrong words in comlicated captcha! Try to do it by yourself! Do you realy think it is very need to do for registered users? I registered on about 50 forums - and yours is the first were need to enter captcha AFTER registration! Do you afraid of whom or what? Your future clients? Wrong bigining..............
  14. Began to explore the possibilities of my application to transfer to dws-smart, and found it don’t support “set of” structures, will it be soon, or abandon remove from my code) such structures in general as the outdated?
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