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  1. I have been creating web apps for a while where I use html+javascript to create the client and then I use delphi to create either a cgi or isapi dll for the server. I use two techniques: 1. The html page has a form that when submitted, calls the CGI. The CGI grabs an HTML template from the server (an html page that has replaceable tokens). The CGI accesses the database and/or does whatever it needs to do and then replaces the tokens in that template and sends the resulting HTML back. 2. The html page does an ajax call and then the CGI just has to return a relatively small
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    IELite - that is exactly what I was looking for - thank you! I am still looking forward to being able to access event handlers in the IDE like I do in Delphi, but this will allow me to do some stuff now.
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    Ah, ok. I will look forward to seeing that thanks and btw, looking real good!
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    How do you get events in the IDE? For example, how would get to the OnClick event for a button?
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