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    If you enable CORS on the server side, you will be able to do such downloads. See https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/HTTP/Access_control_CORS For instance, a mORMot server can easily do CORS by setting aHttpServer.AccessControlAllowOrigin := '*';
  2. AB

    SMS lose weight

    Perhaps it is time to make some Open Source alternative to the SCL? SCL has its strenghts, but I guess that interfacing some most widely used frameworks, like Ionic, may help opening SMS to new levels. We could easily use the SMS compiler and IDE to write and debug business logic in its powerful SmartPascal. But let the UI be handled with regular frameworks like Ionic. You would focus on your logic, provide a first draft of the UI, then let the UI part be polished by true designers...
  3. It does make sense that this function only returned only 6 types (including varEmpty and varVariant), since this is what JavaScript supports. Perhaps returning varNull = 1 would make sense in addition to those 6 types. My guess is that VarType() is here for compatibility with Delphi when working with variants, which supports much more types (as the var* constants extracted from Delphi System.pas unit). See http://docwiki.embarcadero.com/RADStudio/Berlin/en/Variant_Types_(Delphi) and http://www.delphibasics.co.uk/RTL.asp?Name=VarType
  4. ... and under JS you could count on 53-bit precision for integers, not the full 64-bit integer range...
  5. At last, a new beta! http://smartmobilestudio.com/2016/01/24/smart-mobile-studio-2-2-beta-5 And it seems very stable to me. Just the ECMA.* new name spaces which broke existing code... But easy to do.
  6. Still one month later... and no sign of activity! Are really some people working full time on the project?
  7. No news about the Release Candidate to be eventually released?
  8. Still no news... I'm still feeling like a poor abandoned marmot.
  9. Thanks for the input. We are waiting for next release.
  10. Hello, I'm a bit worried about SmartMobileStudio future. I have renewed by annual subscription, but the development seems very very very quite. There is still a lot to do on SMS, both the IDE and the visual library, for instance. How is the team going? Do you have enough time working on it? From our customer side, it is difficult to invest time on a technology which is very promising, but seems not to be very active. I spent months writing code targeting SMS, in addition to FPC and Delphi. The logical part is almost finished, with proper regression tests. The SMS compiler i
  11. I suspect this method is incorrect: procedure JDateHelper.SetAsDateTime(dt : TDateTime); begin Self.setTime((dt - 25569) * 864e5); end; It should be written: procedure JDateHelper.SetAsDateTime(dt : TDateTime); begin Self.setTime(round((dt - 25569) * 864e5)); end; Otherwise the returned value is incorrect.
  12. A separated System.Types unit is a good point. The more targets SMS support, the better! The more code we can share among platforms, the better!
  13. Why not open source the tool, and publish it e.g. on github? So that others may contribute to it, and use it at their own risk. And support may be done by users.
  14. BTW why variables are not initialized at once, e.g. by "var a,b,c=0;" and not "var a=0; b=0; c=0"?
  15. There is indeed no speed benefit... So we will stay with standard arrays! Thanks a lot for the feedback!
  16. AB


    Why just not use function w3_base64encode(aValue: Variant): String; begin if VarIsValidRef(aValue) then Result := BrowserAPI.Window.btoa(aValue); end; function w3_base64decode(aValue: String): Variant; begin if aValue<>'' then Result := BrowserAPI.Window.atob(aValue) else Result := Undefined; end; as defined in W3System.pas?
  17. AB

    In app purchases?

    AFAIK you are not allowed to use third-party payment solutions within mobile apps, at least to be published in the AppStore. You are enforced to use the payment API of the platform, then give back your 30% to Apple. I suspect this is more or less the same for Android. So, as a consequence, Gumroad is not an option, nor Paypal... We *need* to support native in-app purchases. It is mandatory for us to get some money from our application. We will use the very common publication way of one free app, then in-app purchases for additional features or content. IMHO nati
  18. AB

    Add resources button

    I can reproduce the issue, with SMS, and an opened project. Button sounds to be not tied to an action. You can add a resource by right-clicking the "Resources" tree in the left panel. BTW, when I download a project, the unit source is displayed in a weird position, not the beginning, but somewhere in the middle of the file, with a huge column offset. As a result, I have to press Ctrl+Begin to go to the beginning of the file. Annoying.
  19. What about direct javascript native datatypes? More than one year ago, Jon wrote in http://jonlennartaasenden.wordpress.com/2013/02/13/smart-mobile-studio-1-1-rc-build-400-sneak-peak : Soon the compiler will have a new switch, to use java script’s native datatypes. One of the hidden gems of JavaScript is that it does have typed data, but most people don’t use them. So you can allocate arrays of UInt32 (unsigned integer, 32 bits) for instance. By taking advantage of typed arrays you get a phenomenal speed boost if you deal with large and complex numbers. Since we rely heavi
  20. The ticket has been created, and I was told that DWSCRIPT will be defined in SMS 2.1 and later! Thanks!
  21. AB


    The cross-platform units for the clients are available at http://synopse.info/fossil/tree?name=CrossPlatform Please ensure you first copied the latest version of those files from CrossPlatform folder into this folder: - SynCrossPlatformCrypto.pas - SynCrossPlatformRest.pas - SynCrossPlatformSpecific.pas Those units are needed as external content, to compile the demo application.
  22. AB


    We have added sample "29 - SmartMobileStudio Client". We introduced SMS one step further - not working yet, but at least compiling and able to share most of the client code between SMS and Delphi/FPC. See http://synopse.info/fossil/info/e0d219684249664bd2feea75e3ad8a2c4850d35c and http://synopse.info/fossil/tree?name=SQLite3/Samples/29+-+SmartMobileStudio+Client
  23. The "Smart Book" states that: 4.10.2 Conditional Compilation Symbols [1.1.2] Conditional compilation symbol DWSCRIPT is always defined. But it is not the case, at least in revision As a workaround, I added the DWSCRIPT conditional in the project option. Where do we add tickets for SMS?
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