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  1. Hi I can't save my project in a diretory other than C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\Smart Mobile Projects\ Can I change this?
  2. I will try the JSON message. But the demo seems to be using the BIN channel? from the RemObjectsSDKChatDemo demo: FChannel := TROHTTPClientChannel.Create("http://" + C_Host + " : 8 0 9 9/BIN"); FMessage := TROBinMessage.Create; FService := THTTPChatService.Create(FChannel, FMessage); FEvents := TROEventReceiver.Create(FChannel, FMessage, '', 1 * 1000); FEvents.AddHandler( HTTPChatEvents.C_OnLogin, procedure(aEventObject: TObject) begin var info := HTTPChatEvents_OnLogin(aEventObject); var v: variant; asm @v = @info;
  3. I am trying 1.0.1 remobjects support with a simple Sum function. The server is working and tested with a delphi client on the same machine. I get an "message":"Invalid response: unsupported binary message signature" error. Am I doing something wrong? procedure TForm1.ButtonOnClick(TSender: TObject); begin var channel := TROHTTPClientChannel.Create("http://localhost:8099/Bin"); var msg := TROBINMessage.Create(); var service := TSmartService.Create(channel, msg); service.Sum(1, 2, procedure(aResult: Integer) begin ShowMessage('Result = ' + IntToStr(aR
  4. borax1974

    UI Toolkit

    No need for live rendering. What I had in mind was, registering components to the control panel, placing them on a form, editing properties and events at design time.
  5. borax1974

    UI Toolkit

    Any plans in the future to integrate such UI toolkits to the designer, like in delphi?
  6. borax1974

    UI Toolkit

    Hi Can we use a UI toolkit with smart mobile studio, like DHTMLX Touch or Sencha Touch v2 etc?
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