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  1. Hi, you can use TStringList and TObjectList from RTL unit w3lists.pas (I don't had need for these classes and only used arrays and records for now) Damien
  2. I successfully added a MouseWheel event in a TW3GraphicControl descendant, using the process suggested at the end of the article “Keyboard events, How to ?” I was really straightforward and easy, thanks to the “magic” your direct JS access technology, mentioned in the same article. but my callback implementation, which read wheel delta from Javascript variables, is very basic : delta := eventObj.wheelDelta; and it works only in the internal browser (not with Firefox) I’ve found some more complete Javascript code (from JQuery) which deals with many more Javas
  3. DamienD

    Selection not working

    I often accidentally enter block selection mode with Ctrl+Shift C, (because of my delphi background) Moreover, the block selection mode has bugs (does not work as expected). You can reset SynEdit without restarting the IDE. Simply close and reopen the unit, or try Ctrl+Shift L.
  4. DamienD

    Selection not working

    Hi from a happy new user (there's some magic in this product !) I can reproduce the selection problem : simply try delphi's code completion (ctrl+shift C)
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