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  1. Czar

    loading images

    You sir are a life saver. I have tested my initial projects and they now work again as expected. Can I assume that "SetCrossOrigin('Anonymous');" won't make a return in later versions TestImage.rar
  2. Czar

    loading images

    www.numberworks.com/downloads/ImageProblem.rar Open SimpleBrowser.exe and insert these into address (change to suit location ) c:\ImageProblem\wwwCURRENT\index.html c:\ImageProblem\wwwWORKS\index.html If you go to wwwCurrent you will see image location - but no image. If you try wwwWORKS then you will see a green screen. Only difference between these two is which version of SMS was used.
  3. Czar

    loading images

    Would it help if I sent you simplebrowser app and two versions of the HTML file - one old one new? Easy to demonstrate
  4. Czar

    loading images

    1. deleting manifest has no effect. 2. Putting in cross origin no effect. If I compile again with older SMS then it works correctly. Compile with current and it doesn't.
  5. Czar

    loading images

    Can you think of a reason why it only came into effect with the latest update? I would love to roll back to previous behaviour
  6. Czar

    loading images

    I have since updated my CEF4 code with the latest version. No change. I have made a very simply VCL sms program with an image loading a png. And it fails when opening via CEF4 browser. If I copy the index.html into a webserver then the browser will show images but not when it is a local file. I have been using this browser for a number of years to display SMS index.html files so I would keen to have it resolved the change is the new SMS version.
  7. Czar

    loading images

    The behaviour for this BackImg.LoadFromURL('res/back1366.png'); has changed since the last update. It works fine in browsers (internal and external) but it no longer works in my app that uses chromium (CEF4). At the moment if I compile in older version - all good - recompile in newer version and the images don't load if I use my delphi based chromium browser. Any suggestions about where to start looking for a solution? I am using the browser app for all of my SMS based software so this represents a significant problem for me.
  8. Czar

    Scroll bar bug

    yup, confirmed - now to fix for version
  9. Czar

    Scroll bar bug

    I use win 10 at home and I can't reproduce - I will see about making a video with Paulo next week if it helps.
  10. Czar

    'Open in Browser' not working

    Tried a different port? Never come across this issue sorry. Mine works whatever I try so I think something else is getting in the way. http://localhost:8090/index.html
  11. Czar

    'Open in Browser' not working

    try changing the ip to your actual ip address, not localhost e.g.,
  12. Czar

    Tw3TabControl's OnPrepareTab ?

    I tried it in a different manner with OnPrepareTab procedure TForm1.W3Button1Click(Sender: TObject); var str : string; begin for var i:= 1 to 5 do begin str:= IntToStr(i); var tab : tw3tab; var lbl : tw3label; tab:= W3TabControl1.AddTab(str); tab.AutoSize:=True; lbl:= TW3Label.Create(tab); lbl.Caption:= str; end; end;
  13. Works a treat - exactly as requested Thanks
  14. Yeah hide the tab headers, I have the convenience of a tabbed page control but we wish to hide the actual tab headers - i.e., our students cannot click on the other tabs manually. I use this in Delphi a lot as it gives us a lot of easy maintenance control over reasonably sophisticated apps. However, I feel you also need to be able to hide a tab instance - i..e, TABS 1, 2 and 3 but hide 3.
  15. Czar

    accessing forms public properties

    We ran into this issue again today trying to call a public procedure from a different form. In Delphi Procedure Tform1.ShowProc; begin form2.MyProc end; Easy and makes sense, in SMS - TTabForm1(Forms[TTabForm1]).myProc; Not so intuitive Any chance of making this much easier and work as we expect?