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  1. New Alpha update

    exciting to see the update. smartcl.pas needs // Implementation of storage-device "Browser:" //SmartCL.StorageDevice.Browser, as SmartCL.StorageDevice.Browser, file doesn't exist
  2. Black Screen of Death

    Presumably you are debugging using writeln to see where the code is. Also I find chrome debug F12 very useful. Good luck
  3. [] CSS Theming issues

    An empty tw3image continues to display a border even if I W3Image1.ThemeReset(); w3Image1.StyleClass :=''; as suggested. Also setting a custom css still makes the image display a border.
  4. [] CSS Theming issues

    Thanks for the reply I didn't know about themereset, I will play around with that. However I am a bit confused. Why have the themeborder property if it doesn't work? I would expect ThemeBorder set to btNone to remove the border, but it doesn't
  5. FormatDateTime fails for 'mmmm'

    lbl.caption := FormatDateTime('dddd d of mmm yyyy', now); results in 'monday 11 of dec 2017" lbl.caption := FormatDateTime('dddd d of mmmm yyyy', now); fails to do anything
  6. FormatDateTime fails for 'mmmm'

    And it is still a bug in Also why are days of the week and the months not capitalised?
  7. FYI - TLayout - Intermediate

    Loving these examples
  8. Application Version Build number

    I updated my example code but no joy - continues to show "0" when build number is 5.
  9. Application Version Build number

    I think I managed to copy paste incorrect one I tried this - compiles and run but doesn't show the build number of the app. I tried self and application. procedure TForm1.W3Button1Click(Sender: TObject); var ver: TW3ApplicationVersionInfo; MyApp : TW3ApplicationInfo; begin MyApp := TW3ApplicationInfo.create(self); ver:= TW3ApplicationVersionInfo.create(MyApp); ShowMessage(inttostr(ver.build)); end;
  10. I am trying to read out the version of the app. I thought it would be system.application.version var MyVersion := TW3ApplicationVersionInfo.Create( ? ); But I lack the understanding of what the ? is - it isn't self. What am I missing?
  11. [] CSS Theming issues

    This issue hasn't received any response from the team. Any reason why?
  12. [] CSS Theming issues

    Tw3image continues to display a border in theme border is set to btnone; I have tried "fixing" it by setting CSS of tw3image but it doesn't work, the image continues to display a border. Can this please be fixed it is very annoying.
  13. New Alpha update

    I just noticed another update on the 29th.
  14. Enhanced TObjectList

    Sorry I am intrigued to understand what this is and what problem it solves.
  15. [] fxMove weird pixel movement

    Even if I comment those w3_setstyle lines out it still does it