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  1. I simply edited settings.ini [Settings] Channel=MASTER RelativePaths=1
  2. Czar

    forum login

    I have not had any login issues. I login regularly from three different devices. I don't have to enter info though - the forum remembers me from last time.
  3. Czar

    forum search problem

  4. I use this app instead http://www.harddisksearch.com/ I can search folders like projects and RTL for anything I am trying to find.
  5. Czar


    Thanks for the update Jarto, it does look dire from our point of view so more activity and engagement from the stake holders would be seen as positive
  6. Czar


    I just read the news and I believe you are correct IELite. Without Jon's major input the project feels like it will fold. Jarto is the only other member that I am aware of. If the other shareholder's don't show some significant leadership then it will flounder. Personally I hope it doesn't disappear and perhaps a better solution would be to opensource everything. SMS is a product we use everyday and it fits very well into part of our development requirements. Shame to see it end.
  7. There have been a few threads about this topic but I couldn't get any of them to work with my current challenge. My challenge was accessing a label (child) on a panel. The problem I was having was GetChildCount and GetChildObject are not accessible from the objects so I cast them a Tw3TagContainer instead, probably ok to cast as something else. I will post my solution as an example. procedure TForm1.InitializeForm; begin inherited; // this is a good place to initialize components var W3Panel1 := tw3panel.create(self); W3Panel1.setbounds(10,10,400,400); var mylbl := TW3Label.create(W3Panel1); mylbl.SetBounds(10,10,80,30); mylbl.caption := 'label on panel'; mylbl.tagvalue := 2; for var i := TW3TagContainer(W3Panel1).GetChildCount -1 downto 0 do begin var obj := TW3TagContainer(W3Panel1).GetChildObject(i); if obj is TW3Label then tw3label(obj).caption := 'IT WORKED'; end; end;
  8. Czar

    Size of Components at Runtime

    That would be a useful solution
  9. Czar

    Size of Components at Runtime

    Wouldn't that boil down to css? I open sms drop down a tw3button at 128x32. If I leave the border then seems a bit bigger - if I remove border then 128x32
  10. Czar

    ShowModal and Measuring Text

    I assume you have checked the obvious, that FMessageText is not blank? What happens if you fudge a size, does work correctly otherwise?
  11. Czar


    I managed to a solution which is probably better var Context := JCanvasRenderingContext2D(LBitmap.canvas.context.handle.getContext('2d')); Context.font:="75px verdana"; Context.shadowColor:="black"; Context.shadowBlur:=7; Context.lineWidth:=5; Context.strokeText("TEstMe",25,100); Context.shadowBlur:=0; Context.fillStyle:="white"; Context.fillText("TEstMe",25,100);
  12. Czar


    I have been working on rendering fonts onto the canvas. After getting a few pointers I managed to get what I am after. However, I have been hacking direct into the smartcl.legacy procedure TCanvas.TextOut(dx,dy: integer;aText: string;aColor:TColor); var mTemp: Variant; begin mTemp:=FDC.fillStyle; FDC.fillStyle:=ColorToWebStr(aColor); FDC.lineWidth:=4; FDC.shadowBlur := 7; FDC.shadowColor := 'black'; FDC.strokeText(aText,dx,dy); FDC.shadowBlur:=0; FDC.fillStyle:="white"; FDC.FillText(aText,dx,dy); FDC.fillStyle:=mTemp; I thought i could simply inherit type TMyCanvas = class(Tcanvas) procedure MyTextOut(dx,dy: integer;aText: string;aColor:TColor); end; procedure TMyCanvas.MyTextOut(dx,dy: integer;aText: string;aColor:TColor); var mTemp: Variant; begin FDC.lineWidth:=4; FDC.shadowBlur := 7; FDC.shadowColor := 'black'; FDC.strokeText(aText,dx,dy); FDC.shadowBlur:=0; FDC.fillStyle:="white"; FDC.FillText(aText,dx,dy); FDC.fillStyle:=mTemp; end; However, I get an error FDC not visible in this scope. What basic 101 am I violating? Syntax Error: Member symbol "FDC" is not visible from this scope [line: 54, column: 10, file: Form1]
  13. Czar

    tw3slider mouseup

    if you have a tw3slider and you add a mouseup event then it breaks the component. Once you have clicked on it you cannot stop it reacting to the mouse.
  14. Czar

    canvas font rendering

    The bit that I don't follow is how do I go from say this function drawStroked(text, x, y) { ctx.font = "80px Sans-serif" ctx.strokeStyle = 'black'; ctx.lineWidth = 8; ctx.strokeText(text, x, y); ctx.fillStyle = 'white'; ctx.fillText(text, x, y); } drawStroked("37°", 50, 150); to this LBitmap.Canvas.Context.DC.font := 'bold 24px verdana '; where can I find out what "'bold 24px verdana '; " can be replaced with?