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  1. The issue fixes when I manually resize - any way I can do that in code?
  2. Create a new "Canvas Project" Using older SMS I run it and see a nice small FPS top Left Using newer I see FPS in very zoomed in font Also does this with 4.0.0.x cheers
  3. I will use that instead, thanks for the suggestion
  4. w3panel1.zoom := 1.5 works fine in browsers like chrome but completely ignored and 0 in Firefox. Could it be fixed or at default to 1?
  5. OK I tried your suggestion node WebSocketServer.js and then it works
  6. The ws folder was placed inside node_modules so I made a copy as a subfolder in output just in case
  7. [info] Program starting *** Cannot create process "\node.exe" --no-warnings --stack-size=1200 "C:\sms3\Projects\Featured Demos\Node.js\Websocket Server Example\output\WebSocketServer.js". [2] The system cannot find the file specified [info] Program stopped I have latest version node I have installed ws folder in output folder as suggested in file. Not sure how to proceed
  8. Just wondering how feasible would it be to use https://peerjs.com to connect two separate web sessions? What I am trying to achieve is to have a tutor and student working on their browser but the two instances of the exercise are linked. So when student types something in the tutor side is updated to show what was typed. Likewise, if tutor clicks a button that action can be transferred to the student side. If this appears feasible I would consider a commission or bounty to implement in an existing project depending on how much effort etc Alternatively would it
  9. @jartothanks that answer was something like I was expecting. However, just so you are aware, when I have browserapi.window. then open is not an option by code insight. See image attachment
  10. This seems like an embarrassingly simple question but I can't figure it out. All I want is to be able to have the user click a button and open a URL in a new tab in their browser I cannot find any examples and searching throws up everything but a solution.
  11. I will have to wait until mid January when I get back from holiday
  12. nah, 3 screws up your logistics. On the plus side it is easier to ignore number three.
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