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  1. I checked SMS 2.x it is there also - so I am wondering if it is left over from old version of SMS. ok, bugger. Thanks.
  2. No, not that one - that is fine. This one sms3\Projects\Featured Demos\Node.js\Simple Server
  3. I know there is more Node.JS stuff coming but I am looking for a simple server solution for my business so I decided to look at SMS as an option. I first looked at webbroker using Delphi which is easy to use as long as you have WIndows. Anyway, the Simple Server demo will not compile FS is referred to in SmartNJ.Filesystem Syntax Error: Unknown name "fs" [line: 61, column: 14, file: SmartNJ.Filesystem]
  4. Where is rtl folder?

    Open the file location of your sms exe and you will find the RTL folder.
  5. Bad characters on contextual menu

    Known bug - all themes except for windows do that. I really hope that the IDE gets some love soon.
  6. Have you restored the alpha channel? Because I found that downloads an olde exe. I am finding that TryStrToInt has moved to a new unit - unsure why
  7. RTTI demo

    This demo does not want to run. It compiles with but when it runs I get the following. After that the IDE is unstable and compiling again cause access violation error - I have send a IDE generated bug report. Server started at 16/03/2018 2:56:10 PM Serving file [C:\sms3\Projects\Featured Demos\System\RTTI\www\index.html] Serving file [C:\sms3\Projects\Featured Demos\System\RTTI\www\lib\polyfill.custom.events.js] Serving file [C:\sms3\Projects\Featured Demos\System\RTTI\www\lib\base64.js] Uncaught ReferenceError: TW3Timer is not defined [line #19009]
  8. Just a general query I can't copy and paste into or out of TW3Editbox or Memos using firefox, however no problem Chrome and Edge. This is on two machines. I have just installed clean version of FireFox and this time a 64bit version (instead of 32bit) and same issue. Can anyone verify or explain? Here is an example page for quick test http://numberworksnwords.com/cloud/autocomplete/index.html
  9. Ok, I followed your advise from above "To use it, download SmartUpdate.exe to an empty folder and copy your user.lic there. Then run SmartUpdate.exe, choose your channel and let it download all the necessary files." It would be nice to be able to update my actual install dir with beta version. BTW what is "master" - sounds important
  10. I have Using smart update I can only select Alpha and then after the updated I am back to 2.9.x.x How do I update the beta channel?
  11. Autocomplete Address INformation

    Cheers, I owe you all a few beers! You will have to collect in Auckland It works a treat. We have lat/long stored for each centre so it is was piece of cake to pass the coordinates along. Works really really well. There were a few hiccups dealing with different countries and situations. In the UK for example the "town" is contained in "postal_town". I added a few AddressTypes to sort it out. Otherwise this is a super useful unit, thanks very much. componentForm.subpremise := 'short_name'; componentForm.street_number := 'short_name'; componentForm.route := 'long_name'; componentForm.locality := 'long_name'; componentForm.postal_town := 'long_name'; componentForm.sublocality_level_1 := 'long_name'; componentForm.administrative_area_level_1 := 'short_name'; componentForm.country := 'long_name'; componentForm.postal_code := 'short_name'; componentForm.postal_code_prefix := 'short_name';
  12. Autocomplete Address INformation

    Cheers. Getting close now. The "position" still doesn't want to play ball. So US addresses come up first.
  13. Autocomplete Address INformation

    OK removed app.manifest didn't seem to make a difference. If I enter "https://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/js?key=AIzaSyBbF5_rXWgH79aG3LXxag6G3tsbce1Jlok&libraries=place" into my browser it will display js I am aware of the htpps requirements for location. Which explains why the local region is not working. So if you bring up the app and F12 in the browser you don't see errors for loading the js file? cheers
  14. Autocomplete Address INformation

    This is what I see in Chrome . I even tried loading it on a different server http://nztutoring.com/temp/index.html
  15. Autocomplete Address INformation

    I tried chrome and firefox - not sure what I am missing https://numberworksnwords.com/cloud/autocomplete/index.html