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  1. Czar

    Getting user's input from input box

    Edit box?
  2. Czar

    TryStrToInt bug

    Ran into this issue again - who is looking after the codegen?
  3. Components on the visual form lose their name property if they are cut and paste. I use this quite often as I will use a panel to organise related editboxes, and labels. 1. drop a label on the visual forum and call it lbl1 2. now drop a panel on the form. 3. We will cut the label and paste it inside form. select the lbl + ctrl X. And then select the panel and ctrl + v to paste the label into the form. 4 . This works fine but the label is now call w3label1 It would be nice if the component retained the name property.
  4. Czar

    Editing "Color" as a property

    The colour property is irritating to use. It is not possible to edit directly, you cannot paste a value in the only way is bring up the colour picker. And even then you can can't paste in colour values in Hex you have to add them in one bye at a time. Could this property be opened up so we can simply type in $c0c0c0 etc
  5. Czar

    Radiogroup - change items text

    Ok, good work around - wasn't obvious for me
  6. It is not possible to change the text of a radiogroup item e.g., W3RadioGroup1.Add('test'); W3RadioGroup1.items[0] := 'it does not work'; as a workaround - I am removing and then inserting
  7. Czar

    window component

    Looks nice, unsure what I would use it for at the moment but good to see if here. You are undoubtedly aware that if mouse comes off the window the dragging stops.
  8. Czar


    Yes, without the backend check it is nothing. I am only putting it on our page becuase of one person's concerns about spammers
  9. Czar


    Well you made that look easy Works without a hitch,
  10. Czar


    I will check this out when I get home
  11. Czar


    I am trying to implement a "i am not a robot" into my website Basic HTML/JS looks like the following with a second step required to validate it server side. <script src="https://www.google.com/recaptcha/api.js"></script> HTML: <div class="g-recaptcha" data-sitekey="YOUR_KEY" data-callback="correctCaptcha"></div> JS: var correctCaptcha = function(response) { alert(response); }; I thought I could manage getting it to wok in SMS but I got very lost. I couldn't find examples that seemed to be a parallel challenge. It would be great to have some clear tutorial or case study to show how it is possible to integrate JS and or it would be good to a have google recaptcha component info link: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/27902539/how-can-i-validate-google-recaptcha-v2-using-javascript-jquery https://developers.google.com/recaptcha/intro
  12. Czar

    UI layout

    Loving the update. Only had a little play but it seems to be working as expected
  13. If it was possible to not break existing code then I would not be against it. I don't convert much delphi code so I don't see it as important from that point of view. It might make it more delphi friendly perhaps, making transition easier for people. I think what catches out more delphi users is that expected properties of components aren't there, something as simple as changing the form colour is not obvious. The paradigm shift is quite steep if you aren't used to working with CSS and HTML etc (which I am not) so it takes a little bit of adjustment.
  14. Czar

    UI layout

  15. Czar

    UI layout

    Being able to make more complex UI that works on all devices will make life much much easier Looking forward to finished product.