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  1. // on click only works when not button.down
    procedure TForm1.W3Button1Click(Sender: TObject);
      writeln('entered W3Button1Click');
      tw3button(sender).down := not tw3button(sender).down;
    procedure TForm1.InitializeForm;
      // this is a good place to initialize components
     // visually button responds when down but even don't fire
      w3button1.PointerEventsWhileDown := true;


    You can see button is set to down. You can see button respond to mouse but the click event does not fire.

  2. Drop a panel on a form - set ThemeBorder to btNone and -   no border - excellent


    Drop TW3Image or TW3IFrameHTMLElement and do the same and you continue to have a border displayed. Even if I try to add in CSS to the custom css file I continue to see borders around these components.


    It is driving me to distraction.

  3. Just updating this thread as the code above no longer works

    FTimer :=  TW3EventRepeater.Create(function(Sender: TW3CustomRepeater):TW3RepeatResult
        showmessage('Yup 1 second later');
      end,1000);  }

  4. Most of our applications use a minimum height of 768 which means that on a normal full hd screen the internal browser is unable to display the application easily.


    There is a lot of wasted spaced reducing the vertical space. The buttons at the top take up a great deal of space. The console is the main option it would be great if it could be attached to the side of the window.

    See image for suggestions :)




    ps: can you make max attachment size a bit more than 20k? almost impossible to attach a screen shot that small.

  5. hhmm, thanks for checking that Jarto. I have trie dit at home with Chrome and no problems. Two computers at work demonstrate the problem. I have just tried and taken a screen shot to show I am not mad ;)

    I will see if I can figure out what the difference in location contributes.


    You can see that "in here" was written once, then twice and then twice again. Along with an error message. I have this bug on two machines at work and not on my home computer - version 62 of  Chrome on all



    index:4307 looks like


             TW3Dispatch.Execute(TW3Dispatch,function () {
                TObject.Free(Dialog$2);    <------------------------------- this one

  6. When the following code is run within Chrome the code is run twice.

    Simply place a tw3button on the form or create in code. In InitializeObject add the following

      W3Button1.onclick := procedure(sender:tobject) begin
        Application.showDialog('Click yes','Are you sure you want'+#13+' to click yes?',aoYesNo,
          procedure(const Dialog: TW3Dialog; const DialogResult: TW3DialogResult) begin
            if DialogResult = roYes then
              writeln('IN HERE');//myarray.count);

    In the internal browser and in firefox we see a single "IN HERE". However, in chrome we get two reports.


    Chrome also throws an error


    index.html:83 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'Destroy' of undefined
        at Object.Free (index.html:83)

  7. TAnimationNotify

    doesn't appear to be defined in any unit (SmartCL.Controls.ListView;). 


    Cannot compile spartacus.


    Looking for example of how to use dialog as 

        procedure ProcessDialogResult(Sender: TObject; aResult: TW3AlertResult);


    no longer works

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