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  1. I seem to be answering my own questions, but maybe it will help someone else.


    I have no discovered that NWjs downloaded from the official site does not display everything correctly, i.e., so far labels seem to be missing.


    However, the NW.exe that was made for Construct 2 works perfectly 32 and 64 bit.


    I am so glad that this is now working for as I can use it for some cool stuff in our software.



  2. I have been using NWjs (link http://nwjs.io/)for a while now and it is brilliant. I can take a my HTML5 project created in Construct 2 and run it as part of our educational suite which is predominately written in Delphi.


    So one of the first things I did was to take a simple test app from SMS and start it with NWjs, which did absolutely nothing. 


    I am easily bewildered by new technology and software so maybe I am missing something obvious but has anyone used NWjs successfully and if so what do I need to change.


    I have tried opening NW.exe with a folder containing the index.html I have also tried opening with my app packaged in a zip file.


    No go.


    I would appreciate any help or suggestions as using NWjs would open up a number of possibilities for me.

  3. I agree with Jason Reid the way the subscription model works is that you end up with a SMS build with known bugs and issues that you cannot fix with the hotfixes - i.e., we have a product that doesn't actually do what was advertised, which feels wrong.


    In the IDE if I bring up the license info there is no date for expiry at all which is very confusing. The creation date is 30/12/1899 and all other fields are blank - which is would suggest unlimited license or the license info is buggy :)




    I believe this is a great project but I feel that subscription model is convoluted and fundamentally unfair to the end user and also that the lack of a reasonable price to continue the subscription is a huge dis-insensitive to continue paying each year.




    I was keen to have a look at 2.1 but I am not willing to shell out $400 for the privilege.









  4. I have been trying to work out how to drag and drop an element. e.g., image or panel.




    I can't see any obvious way to get it working. The mouse up and down events don't behave quite how I expected. I have tried looking through the example code but couldn't find anything. Can someone point me in the right direction, is there a drag and drop example available, and if so which one is it?






    btw: BUGS


    the touchbegin/end event doesn't appear to work, unknown name "TW3TouchData". (Beta


    Also double clicking an event (e.g., on click) creates the procedure which is nice, but the actual text is not placed in the events section, it remains blank.

  5. I have a quick play around with beta 2 and it looks like a good step in the right direction.




    The design screen is so much better.




    I noticed vcl components have events. So I double clicked the "onlclick" event for a button expecting to be taken to the code, instead I get a "onclick " not found error.


    Am I missing something there?





  6. Tglobal values threw exception


    package compilation failed: no program available.


    This is the error I get evertime I start the new version 2 beta.




    I have reinstalled after removing old version no difference.





  7. cool that seems to have fixed it.I don't like uninstalling IDEs as you tend to lose stuff. i.e., it is unclear whether uninstall will remove project folders etc. I think the setup kit could be improved so that an unistall is not required.

  8. HI,


    No I don't uninstall first. I am surprised that you need to. Presumably new files replace old ones.


    The error I am getting,


    for example megademo


    Syntax Error: Unknown name "JMouseEvent" [line: 73, column: 21, file: W3MouseCapture]


    I will try a complete uninstall and see how that goes.

  9. I saw the latest version so I thought I would install and give it a whirl.


    HelloWebGL bang no go - jmousevenet


    MissileCommand no go


    megademo - no


    what is up with this?


    It is frustrating that the demos with this compiler don't even compile.


    I am unsure what the status of this project is but from my end it seems to have gone from great promise and expectations and now languishes in the mire.


    I would expect that the official product would at least compile the accompanying demo examples :(



  10. That would be a big step forward.




    Sorry if I sound overly critical - it is not meant in a negative manner - I see this project very favourably it just needs a boost in some basic areas.

  11. It is a shame that 10 months on and these features are still no closer to reality. Seriously it is these basics that your average user, like me, are looking for. The potential of SMS is huge however, for now that potential is not close to being fulfilled. :(


    If I could use SMS and Contruct 2 I could have our entire suite of software (1500 delphi programs) rewritten as a web based application. However, at the moment SMS is just too clunky.

  12. In Delphi I use F3 an awful lot. If I select a bit if text (or even click inside a bit of text) and Ctrl-FD then the find opens with that text as default. After I found first instance I can use F3 to skip to next instance, very useful.




    Any chance of SMS being able to do the same?

  13. HI I want to use a tlist but I found it is not implemented. Am I missing something?




    MyList := Tlist.create;




    MyInst := TMyGameObject.create;








    while MyList.count > 0 do


















    So how do I do similar in SMS?




    Sorry if this is obvious - I am bit slow picking up new things :)

  14. I was at the Embarcaderro XE3 launch yesterday in Auckland. Their scatter gun approach to future development is a concern. One interesting thing is their announced product Mobile Studio. A stand alone IDE to make apps for iOS, Android etc etc. I hope you guys continues to get traction with SMS.

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