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  1. With the hot fix in June can you please add a feature so that we can


    a. Not have iphone as default

    b. create a custom sized screen


    That would very useful

  2. Hi I am trying to get my app to respond to arrow keys in a GameProject. I used the code from the tetris sample.


    However, it doesn't work. The code doesn't even appear to fire. What am I missing. The tetris code also does not appear to function.


    procedure TApplication.ApplicationStarting; 
      //Initialize refresh interval, set this to 1 for optimal speed 
      LastKey := 65; 
      MyX := 60; 
      myY := 90; 
      GameView.OnKeyDown := KeyDownEvent; 
      GameView.OnKeyUp := KeyDownEvent; 
      GameView.OnKeyPress := KeyPressEvent; 
      GameView.OnMouseDown := MouseDownEvent; 
      //Start the redraw-cycle with framecounter active 
      //Note: the framecounter impacts rendering speed. Disable 
      //the framerate for maximum speed (false) 
    procedure TApplication.KeyDownEvent(Sender:TObject; AKeyCode: Integer); 
      LastKey := AKeyCode; 
      case AKeyCode of 
        37: dec(MyX); //FTetris.Left; 
        38: inc(MyX); //FTetris.Right; 
        39: inc(MyY); //up ? 
        40: dec(MyY); //down? 


    I print out LastKey but it never changes

  3. Hi thanks for the reply.


    I am keen to see what you come up with this year. I have a number of ideas on how I want to use this product. I haven't had much time with it. I have developed game like programs for years with DelphiX (and Omega, DanjetX) so I am hoping I can do similar things with SMS.


    I agree share-it is not the best. I have manually "canceled" my subscription. I assume that that means I just don't get auto billed next year.

  4. I have just purchased through share-it.


    To be honest I don't feel comfortable with it. In order to complete the transaction I have agreed to pay every year. What if I don't want to? I almost cancelled my order. But I figured I should be able to switch that off. I do not like large bills coming off my CC without me knowing before hand. How do I change it so that I am not automatically billed after 12 months?


    Also, the fact that I cannot download the product at the end is disconcerting. The whole purchase process is a bit bewildering to be honest and doesn't inspire confidence. I hope to have access to the product soon. I really suggest you make the purchasing much much clearer.

  5. I have used the beta 2 version for a few trivial little projects. Very excited with it. Today I had a 6 hour meeting about future direction of our business and Smart Media Studio was discussed.



    Our business creates tuition software to teach kids.


    My question regarding web based html 5 development


    Is SMStudio mature enough to :


    1. create multimedia game like programs? i.e., simple game animations and sound and music.

    2. Can SMS store and retrieve student data in a database?

    3. Can SMS be used to make online applications that require access to database information? e.g., a student management system.


    I can provide more detail however what I am after is either a


    1. yes it can

    2. yes it sort of can give it 12 months and it will be able to do all these things

    3. No you would be better using XYZ


    We currently have this type of software in Delphi but I would really like to leverage the web browser. A few years ago I would have said , Flash! These days I come to the conclusion of HTML 5 - would you agree?







  6. Hi, I know it probably isn't high on your priority list but the forum software being used is less than stellar. It is not up to the task.


    If I log in on the front page then the forum says I cannot post until I log in. The front screen shows "log out", which suggests I am logged in, the forum says I am not logged in. CTRL-F5 seems to help.


    Then the more important problem is that the forum does not show which topics you have read or which have been updated. It would be nice to have a more productive and useful forum available, especially now that more people are coming here to share ideas and questions. MyBB is nice

  7. Is it possible to set the default layout model? I.e., I don't want it coming up as iphone each time.


    And two, even more important would it be possible to create a custom default model size? I would like to build for the web rather than for mobile devices but I have a custom size that I would like to work with.



  8. Hello,


    I am very excited by this project. I can see much benefit to using it. Being able to leverage my pascal skills for web projects is awesome.


    I have been using beta 2 for a few days to play around with possibilities and what I finding is that many properties that I would expect in Delphi are not available.


    For example, setting font sizes for labels, setting a background for the form etc. I have figured out that I can access these properties using code. However, that is obviously not RAD. So my question I guess is


    Given that this is a beta. Where are you headed, do you have a road map or over all idea of what we could expect in say 6-12 months? Will the properties etc be added?


    I am keen to buy a license so it would be nice to get a peek at what we may expect in future updates. After the firemonkey debacle I would advocate for more open development/communication :)

  9. Really excited about the potential of this product. I am getting my head around limitations etc.


    I am looking for a way to implement a timer.


    After user clicks a button I want to enable a timer so when that expires the edits fields etc can be cleared.


    Any ideas?

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