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  1. I tried it in a different manner with OnPrepareTab


    procedure TForm1.W3Button1Click(Sender: TObject);
    var str : string;
      for var i:= 1 to 5 do
       str:= IntToStr(i);
       var tab : tw3tab;
       var lbl : tw3label;
       tab:= W3TabControl1.AddTab(str);
       lbl:= TW3Label.Create(tab);
       lbl.Caption:= str;


  2. Yeah hide the tab headers, I have the convenience of a tabbed page control but we wish to hide the actual tab headers - i.e., our students cannot click on the other tabs manually. I use this in Delphi a lot as it gives us a lot of easy maintenance control over reasonably sophisticated apps.



    However, I feel you also need to be able to hide a tab instance - i..e, TABS 1, 2 and 3 but hide 3.


  3. We ran into this issue again today trying to call a public procedure from a different form.

    In Delphi


    Procedure Tform1.ShowProc;


    Easy and makes sense, in SMS  -


    Not so intuitive :(

    Any chance of making this much easier and work as we expect?

  4. Our software system has the ability to create a screen-dump when a person presses printscreen. It shows the program that they are havcing difficulty with plus all the parameters and other data we need. Our software is used for teaching maths and English. The screen shots are all collected on the manager's computer. At the moment managers use an old (Delphi made) program to select the image, attach a reason for the bug and then the app emails us the image and text. This is fine expect that these day many of our people don't have email clients and so the app doesn't work correctly. I was just wanting to replace it and at the same time create a new sms project for myself to lean more that way :)


    I will check out your links - thanks.

  5. Sorry this might be a bit out of the blue but.

    I am looking for a starting point to do the following.


    We would like our users to be able to send us a screenshot, with some text via online portal. In other words, they can browse or drop-an-image into the app. Then they type in text to explain their issue and finally, when they click the "send" button, the image and text are emailed to our designated address.

    I know that it should not be too hard but I am having some trouble about where to start with SMS. Can someone point me in the right direction? Is it even possible currently with SMS?


  6. Excellent to see a new update - downloading as I type. Any chance of making the IDE usable? 

    - improve internal browser (incredibly slow and buggy compared to actual browser). Often when your project throws up an error the internal browser will stop working until you close SMS and restart.
    - maximise internal browser space by allowing console to appear on the sides rather than only the bottom 
    - improve IDE stability. Double click to create events often is broken and once it breaks makes code unstable. Building an app in visual designer is basically not doable - unlike say VCL in delphi.
    - improve switch between internal and external projects. Very confusing and the dialog messages are not clear as to their intent
    - styling of IDE is broken - anything but "windows" them cause weird characters to appear in popup boxes

    That is just off the top of my head. 

    When I introduce SMS to new programmers I spend a great deal of time apologising for the bits that don't work :( Makes it difficult for me to "sell" it :)


    I love this project, massively powerful but it needs polish to entice people to come in and stay.


  7. We are using SMS for our business. I have one programmer only using SMS - but the product really needs a few thousand active users and regular updates and improvements. The IDE is almost impossible to use without creating all sorts off issues. e.g., drop a button down and double click - often this will result in a complete mess and errors. 

    Needs more promotion and uptake

  8. We are using W3TabControl1so that we can have multiple forms and have the benefit of switching nicely between forms.


    However, the control is not as flexible as I believe it should be.

    First, it is not possible to prevent the user from dragging between forms - which is a behaviour we don't want in our app. Great if there was all AllowMouseDragging type property.

    Second, when I set the tabs to be hidden - they aren't - the tabs remain visible

      W3TabControl1.FindTab('TabForm1').hidden := true;


    We will have to find a different solution but I just wanted to document what we found.









  9. I am having difficulty accessing public variables from another form.

    I have two forms (form1 and form2)


    Form2 looks like


      TForm2 = class(TW3Form)
        {$I 'Form2:intf'}
        procedure InitializeForm; override;
        procedure InitializeObject; override;
        procedure Resize; override;
        stringvar : string;
    var FForm2: TForm2;
    procedure TForm2.InitializeObject;
      {$I 'Form2:impl'}
      stringvar := 'working?';

    form2 is added to uses in form1.


    In form1 a button event has this code

    procedure TForm1.W3Button1Click(Sender: TObject);
      writeln('writing away stringvar');

    This work as expected in Delphi but in SMS it just doesn't run. No error message. The writeln('complete') is not executed so there is obviously a problem.


    Obviously, I can move the variable (stringvar) to a global but that is not the point, it should work and it does not. How do I make it work?

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