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  1. We have an app that we deliver via browser. There have been a few case where a page hasn't loaded 100%, there are bits missing. Is there a way that I can confirm that the total page has loaded and if not request the page again?

    Sorry if that is being naive about web matters but this is a new area for me.


  2. I know there is more Node.JS stuff coming but I am looking for a simple server solution for my business so I decided to look at SMS as an option. I first looked at webbroker using Delphi which is easy to use as long as you have WIndows.


    Anyway, the Simple Server demo will not compile 

    FS is referred to in 


    Syntax Error: Unknown name "fs" [line: 61, column: 14, file: SmartNJ.Filesystem]

  3. This demo does not want to run. It compiles with but when it runs I get the following. After that the IDE is unstable and compiling again cause access violation error - I have send a IDE generated bug report. 


    Server started at 16/03/2018 2:56:10 PM

    Serving file [C:\sms3\Projects\Featured Demos\System\RTTI\www\index.html]
    Serving file [C:\sms3\Projects\Featured Demos\System\RTTI\www\lib\polyfill.custom.events.js]
    Serving file [C:\sms3\Projects\Featured Demos\System\RTTI\www\lib\base64.js]
    Uncaught ReferenceError: TW3Timer is not defined  [line #19009]

  4. Cheers, I owe you all a few beers! You will have to collect in Auckland :)

    It works a treat. We have lat/long stored for each centre so it is was piece of cake to pass the coordinates along. Works really really well. 

    There were a few hiccups dealing with different countries and situations. In the UK for example the "town" is contained in "postal_town". 

    I added a few AddressTypes to sort it out. Otherwise this is a super useful unit, thanks very much.


        componentForm.subpremise := 'short_name';
        componentForm.street_number := 'short_name';
        componentForm.route := 'long_name';
        componentForm.locality := 'long_name';
        componentForm.postal_town := 'long_name';
        componentForm.sublocality_level_1 := 'long_name';
        componentForm.administrative_area_level_1 := 'short_name';
        componentForm.country := 'long_name';
        componentForm.postal_code := 'short_name';
        componentForm.postal_code_prefix := 'short_name';





  5. Thanks for all the input. It certainly makes address input much easier and slicker.



    I am running into some challenges. When I use the sample code and the AutoComplete unit with SMS I get a message saying that getCurrentPosition() and watchPosition() are deprecated on insecure origins. So that means  addresses come up with American suggestions first. Ok I thought I will simply put the app on our website.

    Not as easy as I expected because now I get an error when loading googles api


    1. Request URL:
    2. Referrer Policy:

    It seems I am missing an obvious piece of the puzzle. :( Any suggestions? I tried reading what "no-referrer-when-downgrade" meant but that gave me a head ache :)


  6. Showing my lack of understanding yet again. I am struggling with trying to get googles autocomplete of addresses to work with an SMS form.

    This looks really good


    However, I don't understand how I would go about incorporating that functionality into a SMS form. I tried adding it is using ASM and doing an inner html for the html part but I couldn't get any joy.


    Any help would be much appreciated.


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