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  1. It seems that in my project FinalizeObject for my MainForm never fires. What can be the reason? Is there an another place to dispose central resources? In Delphi I would do that at FormClose, but SMS Forms didn’t have this event.
  2. Finally it works. Must have to do something with the ShortCut. Starting SmartUpdate via commandline is OK.
  3. Works partly: First SmartUpdate.exe updates and restarts itself – without command line parameter I guess. At least there is no “development” channel option (only MASTER, ALPHA and BETA). After choosing MASTER the SMS install itself runs as expected. The RTL class browser works. Unfortunately a fresh start of SmartUpdate.exe /changechannel /showhidden fails It pops up in full screen mode showing an partly initialized main form. BTW: What is the C:\ProgramData\ path SMS will use? Is there a prove to ensure it contains the current RTL copy?
  4. I've found the following: d:\Smart Mobile Studio\RTL\ C:\ProgramData\The Smart Company\Smart Mobile Studio\RTL\ C:\ProgramData\Optimale Systemer AS\Smart Mobile Studio\ -> NO RTL Folder I've tried to copy the RTL Folder to C:\ProgramData\Optimale Systemer AS\Smart Mobile Studio\ but no success (tried both)
  5. Did not help Maybe it's due to the fact that my installation path is not c:\... but D:\ SMART MOBILE STUDIO ?
  6. Txs wareleyalex - seems to help
  7. No, no changes to the RTL so far. How can I ensure, that there are now "left overs" or other artefacts of older versions? Updating of SMs seems not to help.
  8. Almost every time I change the IDE tab to work at a different unit I get an “Shortcut already exists” error. While it is possible to ignore this error, it inconvenient an nasty. I remember, that this was a problem with some older versions as well. Am I the only one having this problem? The call stack always looks like that: EurekaLog 6.1.04 Call Stack Information: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- |Address |Module |Unit |C
  9. After updating an older version of SMS to build the RTL Class Browser Tool pops up empty. What can I do to make it work?
  10. What I've found now is, that the <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="res/app.css"/> was missing in index.html. Maybe that was because the project includes a "Custom Template" that loads another CSS for some DHTMLX components used. I've added link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="res/app.css" to the Custom Template now and the problem seems to be gone 😊
  11. The problem is, that methode #1 (use custom theme and add css) does not work for me. As mentioned before, all changes to my Custom CSS are ignored at runtime. I guess it has to do with the project history (It is one that was build with SMS 2.x some years ago). Maybe the app.css file is located at a wrong place (...\www\res at the moment) or the initialization sequence is not correct for some reason... Don't know where to look next at the moment.
  12. Not sure about that. My changes to the Custom CSS are reflected to "...www\.res\app.css", but ignored at runtime.
  13. Finaly I've found the following: All exrension to my Custom CSS are ignored. I had to create my own TW3StyleSheet in FormCreate, following a suggestion in an other post in this forum, and add my extensions there. Still confused a little bit...
  14. OK, that makes sense. But I've TW3Panel set sets (at design time) StyleClass to a special style that seems to be ignored. The css style itself seems to be OK - at leats it worked with SMS 2.x
  15. From: https://jonlennartaasenden.wordpress.com/2017/10/09/smart-mobile-studio-and-css-part-1/ I've learned, that SMS uses the classname to find the matching CSS style. On the other hand the TW3xxx components do have a property named StyleClass. I'm confused: What is to use when?
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