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  1. hmmm, you are right. My initial test was to "end task" and then start SMS and see if it came back. It did. However, I jumped the gun, as it comes back regardless if I start SMS or not It is windows application!
  2. I still have a SmartScreen.exe process lingering after closing SMS. ((Note, the CPU and memory are 0 though)
  3. IElite

    css styling

    @lynkfs I really like the idea of leveraging a framework like this and would love to see SMS support frameworks like this in the IDE. But, that may be wishful thinking <smile>
  4. @Daniel Eiszele yikes, my screenshot above, i looked at the wrong onclick event on the wrong form. Yup, you are right, thats the issue, the onclick event of the LoginForm not the mainform <smile> Works now!
  5. It was attached in mine, but still doesn't work procedure TForm1.W3Button1Click(Sender: TObject); begin Application.ShowModalForm('TLoginForm', 272,170, nil, LoginResultOk, LoginResultCancel); end;
  6. in addition, when i close sms. in my task manager, sms leaves the apps list and shows up in my background processes and never goes away. in addition, smartscreen in my background processes never goes away either see attached screenshot
  7. IElite

    css styling

    1.) how do you add tailwind to sms project? 2.) when i open your project source code (from original post) in sms - alpha, i see the attached look
  8. @jarto i tried your logindialog demo, and it doesn't seem to work for me. when i click the login button, it does nothing.
  9. Oh, yes, I like that much better - thanks! .If a component is added by just clicking, it's created at 96x32 size
  10. IElite


    I would love to see a new control (TW3ButtonGroup) added to SMS. Something maybe like the one in Delphi here or here? I am in need of a control to create 4 buttons in a horizontal row spaced evenly if viewed on desktop browser, or vertical spaced evenly if viewed on mobile. I know i can do it using layout class and other ways, it would just be nice to be able to drop a control on and set a few properties The fact that you could create gameboards and grids as well would be neat too
  11. IElite

    OnKeyPress or OnKeyDown - can't get to fire

    I still get nothing, am I still missing something? I need to capture keys at the application or form level. procedure TForm1.HandleKeyDown(eventObj: JKeyboardEvent); begin Writeln(EventObj.charCode); end; procedure TForm1.InitializeForm; begin inherited; // this is a good place to initialize components Self.Handle.addEventListener('keydown', @HandleKeyDown, True); end; UPDATED Looks like I can capture using application Application.Document.Handle.addEventListener('keydown', @HandleKeyDown, True); OR TApplication = class(TW3CustomApplication) protected procedure ApplicationStarted; override; procedure HandleKeyDown(eventObj: JKeyboardEvent); end; implementation procedure TApplication.HandleKeyDown(eventObj: JKeyboardEvent); begin if EventObj.keyCode in [49,50,51,52] then Writeln(IntToStr(EventObj.keyCode)); end; procedure TApplication.ApplicationStarted; begin inherited; Document.Handle.addEventListener('keydown', @HandleKeyDown, True); end;
  12. IElite

    OnKeyPress or OnKeyDown - can't get to fire

    I am tying to capture it on the main form, but I could do it on a panel as well But let me try your addEventListener suggestion, cause that was what i was trying to do with the W3_Bind2
  13. I cant seem to get either these events to fire? I even tried calling setfocus in the form's OnActivated event Whats the trick? I cant seem to find "w3_bind2" anywhere in the RTL