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  1. I think the Pandemic has thrown a Monkey Wrench into everyone's lives. Family comes first!
  2. Yes - that is OK var s:= 'Hello'; W3Button1.Caption:= s[2];
  3. If you are trying to iterate over controls then you can do something like for var i := 0 to self.getChildCount - 1 do if self.getChildObject(i) is TW3EditBox then TW3EditBox(self.getChildObject(i)).Text:= IntToStr(i);
  4. I believe it is only possible to change the background themes or border themes of the Columns or Rows with the current code base. You may be able to do something custom. I will let @jarto or someone else from team help you. It is possible you have to create your own Custom column type using a control that you can then control the background color on them individually. Example Columns: var Col:=W3StringGrid1.AddColumn; Col.Caption:='Test'; Col.Width:=50; col.BackgroundType:= bsDecorativeDarkBackground; Example Rows: for i:=0 to W3StringGrid1.RowCount-1 do begin if i
  5. IElite


    Very Nice @lynkfs. Nice Job!
  6. download the win64 not win 32 versionhttps://github.com/phonegap/phonegap-app-desktop/releases/download/0.1.7/PhoneGapSetup-win64.exe
  7. How come I can load a image from file system? fImage.LoadFromUrl('res\images\1.png'); But I cant load a JSON (text) file from file system? fHttp.Get('res\data.json');
  8. Turns out the json file was messed up...even though JSONLINT was telling me it was valid I used another site to beautify it and save it and now ll works fine. Thanks
  9. verfified JSON on https://jsonlint.com/ like I said, all works fine if I use the line below and run it using SMS and default browser fHttp.Get('res\data.json');
  10. I uploaded it to our website server fHttp.Get('https://www.<ourdomain>.org/data/data.json'); and I gives me the error Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected end of JSON input [line #1] But I dont get an error If I do fHttp.Get('res\data.json');
  11. "Note: I'm assuming the below was a transcription error and it was actually meant to be "HandleHttpQuizDataReady" Yes, transscibe error How do i set up a SMS webserver to make it work?
  12. I m using a TW3HttpRequest to load a JSON file procedure TForm1.InitializeObject; begin inherited; {$I 'Form1:impl'} fHttp := TW3HttpRequest.Create; fHttp.OnDataReady:= HandleHttpDataReady; end; procedure TForm1.InitializeForm; begin inherited; // this is a good place to initialize components fHttp.Get('res\data.json'); end; procedure TForm1.HandleHttpQuizDataReady(Sender:TW3HttpRequest); var y: integer; begin fJSONStr:= Sender.ResponseText; gData:= JSON.parse(fJSONStr); // more code here end; Everything works great s long as I am running it under SMS using defaul
  13. hmmm, you are right. My initial test was to "end task" and then start SMS and see if it came back. It did. However, I jumped the gun, as it comes back regardless if I start SMS or not It is windows application!
  14. I still have a SmartScreen.exe process lingering after closing SMS. ((Note, the CPU and memory are 0 though)
  15. IElite

    css styling

    @lynkfs I really like the idea of leveraging a framework like this and would love to see SMS support frameworks like this in the IDE. But, that may be wishful thinking <smile>
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