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  1. Hello Peter would be interesting to see specially for this area some more examples. I do not think that it can be the goal of SMS to invent/maintain all GUI controls. regards Günther
  2. Hi I had the chance to play now around with SMS and it makes real fun. I think that pascal is a nice language to generate more complex JS applications from. Interesting approach that was not done with other OOP until now. I managed to make some RemObjects Services running - great that this works already! BTW: I do not understand why the integrated SMS Test-Browser does not work for the HTTP connection ?! Suggestion: "Forum Folder for RemObjects" would make it easier to find such hints. Now to the main point of this thread or what I really miss a) the debugger -
  3. gschoch

    OPP format

    Hi I checked with 1.0.1 and there is still the same issue with forms. Any chance that storing forms external (as well the forms.inc) gets included into the next version. It's really a must for a proper version control to build useful deltas! regards Günther
  4. Hi I download V 1.0.0 and installed it. Now upgraded to V 1.0.1 When I try to start then the software does tell me that the trial period is over and closes immediately. I bought in the meantime a license. But how to apply that KEY? regards Günther
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