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  1. calinutz


    How do you use the toolBar component? How do you add buttons to it? How about glyphs? Thanks
  2. Thanks. I am extremely new to mobile programming, and many tools out there are unknown to me.
  3. calinutz


    As observations: - in the design view you should enable keyboard for deleting controls. For now I need to right-click and chose from there the delete. Now, TUTORIALS are a MUST. SMS being a new RAD, people need to learn from somewhere the tricks that one can use. Documentation also needs to have examples included (I learn best by example). It would be awesome to have step-by-step tutorials about doing in SMS, all the little things that can be done in delphi. Like for example there is a hack for designing a Grid somewhere in G+: But that example should be somewhere in y
  4. calinutz


    Awesome product. Even if still in development, I trust the developers will move fast. The event part of the IDE is very important for me too. I can't wait to have that. I am still testing but I intend to buy it as soon as I am convinced that I can do everything I need with it.
  5. Is there any way to make the compiled app run as a standard app on the iPhone? I mean, NOT in the browser. Can I have the app be shown on the desktop of iPhone (as an icon)like any other app, and when started get rid of the header and footer of the browser? Or something like that? Presenting the app in the browser is not very appealing to me since I need to develop apps that behave,look and feel like regular apps on the iPhone. And considering the small desktop of a phone, and the big controls needed, I find it annoying to be forced to have fixed headers and footers, imposed by a brows
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