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  1. How do you get CBFocused and CBLostFocus to fire in a control that inherits from TCustomeCanvasControl?
  2. Accessing a TW3EditBox.s Focused property raises the exception "Object # has no method 'focused'"
  3. Ian_B

    Custom CSS

    What is the best way in Smart V2 to include css in a project for custom Controls?
  4. I found the problem, I was passing nil as default value for a variant eg: TMyObject = class(TObject) ... public constructor Create(aData: variant = nil); virtual; end; This should perhaps be something like: constructor Create(aData: variant = null); virtual; Ian
  5. Hi, I have been working on a Smart App for a few days and now when I compile I get the following compiler error: [iDE] Internal error. Code-generator threw exception ECodeGenUnsupportedSymbol with message Value of type TJSConnectorSymbol (VarType = 13) Any ideas on what may be causing this or where to start looking? Thanks Ian
  6. Yes Shane that was it! Thanks
  7. I have just updated to latest version of SMS, when I create a label and add it to a Scroll Box it is not visible: // sBox is TW3ScrollBox lbl:= TW3Label.Create(sBox.Content); lbl.Left := 0; lbl.Top := 0; lbl.Caption := 'test'; If I add a Edit Box it works ok: edt:= TW3EditBox.Create(sBox.Content); edt.Text := 'test edit'; edt.Top := 30; Thanks Ian
  8. Ian_B

    TW3Memo text height

    I would like to change the height property of a memo at run time so all of the text it contains is visible, any ideas? Thanks
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