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  1. psycodad

    WSDL SOAP Support

    This is a well working Library for consuming SOAP Services http://wiki.freepascal.org/Web_Service_Toolkit Maybe you can use this as start for your own wsdl importer?
  2. psycodad

    WSDL SOAP Support

    Hi Guys, Is there a plan to support SOAP Protocol? All of our webservices are using soap. So if i could easely import our wsdl files to generate automaticly units for interacting with our webservices, that would be very nice. On the other hand, a tutorial for consuming SOAP Services would be enough for beginning.
  3. psycodad

    Requesting SOAP Service

    Is there a example how to call a function from a soap webservice. All our API's are soap services, so if i can get data from them this cool stuff would be the right thing for us.