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  1. FRepliedSearchCriteria.SetLength(20); console.log( JSON.Stringify(Variant(FRepliedSearchCriteria)) );
  2. warleyalex


    //------ typescript definition ------- /** Documentation: https://katex.org/docs/options.html */ export interface KatexOptions { /** * If `true`, math will be rendered in display mode * (math in display style and center math on page) * * If `false`, math will be rendered in inline mode * @default false */ displayMode?: boolean; /** * If `true`, KaTeX will throw a `ParseError` when * it encounters an unsupported command or invalid LaTex * * If `false`, KaTeX will render unsupported commands as
  3. This designer looks nice. One other missing thing, that I think very frustating is the Object Inpector, just because lacks some basic features, such as support for some custom properties. That could use to make the controls look realistic. A new refactoring Objector Inspector is welcomed to this designer.
  4. OFF TOPIC - "SMS Component design" Just things that crosses my mind, and I want to discuss. Please don’t see that as an attack to someones's work. I really like SMS and the new possibilities. We all want the best possible development experience result. While the visual widgets/UI in SMS still is customizable (by user and developer). I often spend more time on UI parts to realize the look and feel i want to have. I have to say here, one think that is very frustating for me is the SMS form designer I've spent a few minutes reflecting on this RAD approach and its form designe
  5. Could you help to comment that can Websockets work on mobile phones devices? I remember we may be able to use them with SMS applications with mORMot weksockets, built-in using nterface SOA callbacks . But we can seious limitation over a 3G connection or security requirements (like explicit SLL certificates), connections dropping out on mobile phones. Desktops and laptops are a different story of course.
  6. We simply cannot open your project at labelissue.zip, missing "Form1.sfm"! It's an old married, TW3Label does not like the TW3Layout. Anyway, I think the unfinished widget SimpleLabel (TW3SimpleLabel => SmartCL.Controls.SimpleLabel.pas) works "almost" as expected. projTeste.zip
  7. The CSS browser prefixes that you can use are: Android: -webkit- Chrome: -webkit- Firefox: -moz- Internet Explorer: -ms- iOS: -webkit- Opera: -o- Safari: -webkit- Please, fix the smartCL.System --> unitFCSSToken := 'Moz'; ---> I think should be lowecase w3_setStyle(FParticles.Handle, BrowserAPI.PrefixDef('transform'), 'scale(0.5,0.5)'); w3_setStyle(FParticles.Handle, BrowserAPI.PrefixDef('transform-origin'), 'left top');
  8. I think box-shadow CSS will need 3 things to work on iOS: 1) Vendor Prefix on the box-shadow -webkit-box-shadow: {...} 2) Border Radius set, example to 1px border-radius: 1px 3) disabled appearance -webkit-appearance: none; //--> remember to put it before box-shadow, not after
  9. look this following procedure: procedure main; begin Sleep(5000); console.log('A'); Sleep(3000); console.log('B'); end; when we run this code, it will immediately output 'A' and 'B' - JS the asyncronous nature. ...but I want our program to log 'A' after 5 seconds then log 'B' after 3 seconds... that why we, we need the async / await native keywords in SMS. In a "synchronous" manner. Await and Async are just syntactic sugar for working with promises. It would be cool if we can declare a method like: procedure main; async; The compiler can check whether the encom
  10. I'll try to mimic your example... type TTeamXfer = record TeamID: integer; external 'teamID'; Name: string; external 'name'; Desc: string; external 'desc'; Web: string; external 'web'; Bonus: integer; external 'bonus'; Shots: integer; external 'shots'; Splats: integer; external 'splats'; BonusCurrent: integer; external 'bonusCurrent'; ShotsCurrent: integer; external 'shotsCurrent'; SplatsCurrent: integer; external 'splatsCurrent'; end; type TTeamStruct = class public r: TTeamXfer; function Save(Value: TTeamXfer): TTeamXfer; end; functio
  11. to match/map the JSON fieldname, you have to declare the record definition is type TFishRecord = record Category: String; external 'Category'; Common_Name: String; external 'Common_Name'; Length_Cm: String; external 'Length_Cm'; Length_In: String; external 'Length_In'; Notes: String; external 'Notes'; Species_Name: String; external 'Species_Name'; Species_No: String; external 'Species_No'; end; to emit this JS Object, for instance: { Category : "Snapper", Common_Name : "Red Emperor", Length_Cm : "60", Length_In : "23.62204724
  12. I think you should use the record type to store/retrieve the JSON data. type TFishRecord = record Category: String; Common_Name: String; Length_Cm: String; Length_In: String; Notes: String; Species_Name: String; Species_No: String; end; type TForm1 = class(TW3Form) private {$I 'Form1:intf'} fishRecord: TFishRecord; protected procedure InitializeForm; override; procedure InitializeObject; override; procedure Resize; override; end; implementation var fishJsonData = #'[ {"Species_No":"90020","Category":"Triggerfishy","Common_Name"
  13. humm, I rememeber this minor bug y can see on the old SMS. I can not see this ugly message anymore on the 3.x, anyway you could try this: Tools --> IDE Settings... --> Preferences | Keyboard -> Edit editor shortcuts --> Reset List
  14. Solution as JObject base class Type TT = Class(JObject) TableName: string; CreateFunc: TFn; end; var Regist: array of TT; initialization var rr : TT; rr := new TT; rr.TableName := 'devil_report'; rr.CreateFunc := @CreateServer; Regist.Add(rr); rr.TableName := 'flowers_report'; rr.CreateFunc := @CreateServer; Regist.Add(rr); (...) // Display the object for var i:= Regist.Low to Regist.High do console.log(Regist[i]);
  15. Another solution using record type; type TModelClassRegistration = record TableName: string; external "TableName"; CreateFunc: function : JPromise; external "CreateFunc"; end; var RegisteredModelClasses: array of TModelClassRegistration; initialization var rec :TModelClassRegistration; rec.TableName := 'devil_report'; rec.CreateFunc := @CreateServer; RegisteredModelClasses.Add(rec); rec.TableName:= 'flowers_report'; rec.CreateFunc := @CreateServer; RegisteredModelClasses.Add(rec); rec.TableName := 'cards_report'; rec.CreateFunc := @CreateServer; Registe
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