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  1. Dan

    operator overloading

    hi, there. many years later, is the assignment operator overloading still not supported?
  2. Dan

    comparing delegates

    hi, is it possible to somehow compare two delegates like in the following example: type TMyProc = procedure; ... var p0, p1: TMyProc; begin p0 := @Proc0; p1 := @Proc1; if p0 = p1 then begin //case 1 end else begin //case 2 end; end; what I get is a compiler error. but is there any way to do this at all (this is obviously supported by both fpc and delphi so I was quite surprised that it didn't work with smsc)?
  3. is there a way to add a scroll bar to TW3ListBox? I understand that it is mostly designed for the mobile platforms, but if I am making something just for the browser (the game server administration system) there is no appropriate component to handle the lists.
  4. hi, just a reminder the problem mentioned in the above post remains unfixed. would someone please drop the necessary files in the demo directory?! it is embarrassing to have something on your showcase page that doesn't work because of the missing files.
  5. hi I have noticed that my demo does not work on the smart contest showcase page (http://smartmobilestudio.com/showcases/thesmartcontest2013-1/) because some files are missing.
  6. Dan

    opera bug?

    I think I have found a bug in the TW3OperaBrowserAPI class. apparently the window.oRequestAnimationFrame does not exist in opera 12.12. can you please very this or let me know if I have missed something. edit: it seems safari 5.1.7 (windows) has the same problem with window.webkitRequestAnimationFrame
  7. when can we expect the result of this contest? and how many people have submitted their work in the end?
  8. Dan

    Smart Mobile Studio 1.1

    thanks a lot for clarifying that. so sms does not actually move to oxygene syntax but extends its syntax to support the oxygene features. I was actually scared there for a while; thought that all the constructor calls will need to be replaced by the "new" operator or something similar. regarding the assignment operator, I know that delphi doesn't really have an explicit assignment operator overloading and instead uses the implicit and explicit conversion. that would be fine for me as well. however, I really prefer the way that fpc deals with the operator overloading (and it's actually v
  9. alright the new release is very exciting! -You can now use curley brackets in ASM sections - yay to that! was missing this feature for a while -Fixed: CTRL+V missing from SearchAndReplaceDialog -> ComboBoxSearch - awesome! now to some questions: any idea if the assignment operator overloading will be implemented? -Moved to Oxygene syntax - what does that mean exactly? is there still any point for me to upgrade or should I just stick to the last beta until the end of times. because honestly, oxigene (and its syntax) does not sound very inspiring to me.
  10. Btw this runtime is not specific to any one rendering framework, so you could even use it with the canvas, assuming that you can strch and rotate images.
  11. hi, I have recently ported the runtime of Spine animation tool to sms. For those who don't know about Spine: http://esotericsoftware.com/ the runtime for both fpc and sms can be downloaded here: http://gen2gdk.com/files/SpinePascal.rar and here is a small demonstration: http://gen2gdk.com/g2mp/spine/
  12. if the shapes are generated procedurally then it must be the weak point of this demo. since javascript does not support threading the demo has to wait while you generate the shapes. other than that it is a very nice demo. lacks some music though. the screen space ambient occlusion is entirely possible in webgl. though your variation of the ambient occlusion looks very nice too, even if it is a bit over emphasised.
  13. alright I am done. unfortunately, I was not able to invest as much time into this project as I initially planned and so many effects that I hoped to add to this demo will never make it to the screen. you can watch the demoscene here: http://gen2gdk.com/g2mp/demoscene0/
  14. I do need to do quite a bit of polishing, so I will be a bit late with my submission. I remember that you mentioned that the one day late submissions will still be accepted. I hate to abuse that but I really do not want to submit an unpolished demo.
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