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  1. What is the actual error message? So with the %s filled in. For now I think there are 2 reasons: port 8099 is already in use or you miss the nodejs modules
  2. SMS is perfect capable for a business app, but it is less fancy to show it but moreover it is not easy to create a business demo (what kind of demo, what should it do?) I made 2 blog post a long time ago, maybe you can look at these to get you started: http://andremussche.blogspot.nl/2012/06/remobjects-integration-in-smart-mobile.html http://andremussche.blogspot.nl/2012/06/remobjects-integration-in-smart-mobile_21.html In short, SMS can generate client side classes for RemObjects services, the same as it is done by Remobjects itself in the Delphi IDE. So it is 100% RO code , so y
  3. you need to set the AResponse.ContentType to html or something like that, otherwise the browser will only download the file as text Somethink like this: Info.ContentType := 'text/html'; Info.CharSet := 'UTF-8';
  4. sorry, you need to replace this dll with the one besides sms.exe, it has nothing to do with isapi or whatever, it is an dll used by the sms ide
  5. It didn't work for me at first too, but after a rebuild (with xe3 instead xe2) it seems to work: https://github.com/andremussche/AndrewsDelphiStuff/blob/master/Smart/datasnap/DataSnapProxyGenerator.dll So maybe you can try this dll?
  6. I created a default http datasnap server in XE3, with port 12345. I started this application (!) and then runned the SMS datasnap wizard with the url "http://localhost:12345/". If this does not work for you, which error message do you get?
  7. Quick and dirty from my head: uses jQuery.Core; var grid: variant := jQuery.Core.JQuery('#jqxGrid'); var options: variant := new JObject; options.source := 'your source'; var columns: array of variant := []; var column: variant := new JObject; column.text := 'Ship Name'; column.datafield := 'ShipName'; column.width := 250; columns.push(column); options.columns := variant(columns); options.groupable := true; var groups: array of string := ['ShipCity']; options.groups := variant(groups); grid.jqxGrid(options); Better is of
  8. AndreM


    yes, there is already some low level support for rtti, but no higher level "easy to use" functions yet. The following should work already: procedure PrintPropertiesForType(obj : TObject); begin var rtti := RTTIRawAttributes; var aClass := obj.ClassType; PrintLn(aClass.ClassName+':'); while Assigned(aClass) do begin var typeID := TypeOf(aClass); var j : Integer; for j:=Low(rtti) to High(rtti) do begin var attrib := rtti[j]; asm console.dir(attrib); end; if (attrib.T = TypeID) and (attrib.A is RTTIPropert
  9. Nice! Can you show us some code about how you did the binding between Smart and html/ratchet?
  10. node.js is indeed not a silver bullet, and also not suitable for every situation. Normal delphi server with socket.io (https://github.com/andremussche/DelphiWebsockets) or mormot or remobjects or datasnap is more suitable for business services, but node.js is very good for more website-like situations! And it is easy to deploy in the cloud (ms azure, or even for free at heroku.com) because you only have javascript text files to update. Callback "hell" (I don't like "hell", it is not that bad literally ) can be more manageable by using fibers: https://www.npmjs.org/package/fi
  11. Yes, SMS has some basic controls, but as said before: there are a lot other cool UI framework available! So learning some basic html and jquery is not bad anyway Yes, the personal demos I send you could/should be included somehow in the installer.
  12. Did a quick look at your demo link (http://demos.dojotoolkit.org/demos/mobileScrollableView/demo.html). When you download this link directly (not after being loaded in the browser because the DOM is changed on the fly!) for example using the network tab in Google Chrome (f12, debug mode, f5 to reload and view all files): there is no code at all in this demo, only plain html . So you can copy-paste the raw/original content/html in the Smart IDE html template, and putting the linker tags in the html <head> section: <title><?pas=Project.Title?></title&
  13. I have uploaded 2 demos: JQuery Mobile (and JQuery itself) https://github.com/andremussche/AndrewsDelphiStuff/tree/master/Smart/htmltest Ractive data binding https://github.com/andremussche/AndrewsDelphiStuff/tree/master/Smart/ractivetest Maybe I can try to make a demo of your example link (maybe next week) but at least you can already look and play with these demos. Note: no visual designer is used, but GUI components are set up in html, code is done with smart (this is the simplest way to get is working, no custom smart controls etc, but pure JQueryMobile/html)
  14. Sencha is expensive and very strict, steep learning curve, etc. And personally I find extjs (on which it is based on) being outdated. There are plenty other extended (and free!) GUI controls, like: http://dhtmlx.com/ http://wijmo.com/demos/ https://demos.shieldui.com/web http://demos.telerik.com/kendo-ui/web/overview/index.html http://webix.com/demos/ http://demos.dojotoolkit.org/demos/
  15. Forget sencha (altough extjs itself could work), but yes, you can use external controls in SMS (but not in the designer). There are several ways to do it, for example put the controls by hand in the html template and using jquery/getelementbyid. Or more "smart" by making a custom control with innerHtml: http://smartmobilestudio.com/documentation/creating-your-own-controls/ (although I haven't done this myself, I know I have seen a demo or something somewhere...)
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