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  1. jarto!

    Thank for the quick response. Brilliant!

    Sorry, what i meant was what build, i.e. what commit is compiled into the version i am using.

    I have been compiling a huge project using only DWScript. But with >3.0 i can point to other libraries so i was thinking to try SMS 3.0.

    However, there are some stuff in the sources (my sources) that may rely on very recent DWScript changes.

    This is why i would like something like "DWScript 4f4b8f2 2019-03-15" in the About. Or if i can glean this information from somewhere else.




  2. 1 hour ago, jorn said:

    As Jarto says: We agree with you on your Gumroad-thoughts. That's why we have moved away from Gumroad, and started using Stripe instead.

    I now have a license e-mail. Thank you. Odd that i could not find it if it has been sent (as it seems it has been) - i do rely on e-mail archives for a lot of things.

    Anyway - all good now!

  3. I'm pretty sure i'm getting billed via "Gumroad"*. No i'm sure.

    Yesterday i downloaded the latest version but my license is not up to date.

    I went into gumroad and received an e-mail stating that "We will send you the license key shortly.".

    What is shortly? I'd like to test some aspects of the latest SMS, please!

    Kind regards,


    * I must say this must be one of the most frustrating "sites" from the viewpoint of a subscriber. I'd guess a lot of designers and "visionaries" are involved :)

  4. Is it possible to define a class for this JSON and cast to it as above? Would anyone care to write an example?

    {id: 1, values: [{"name":"one", value:55, used:true}, {"name":"two", value:65, used:false}]}

    Also how would a object definition look? I.e. something like:

    var object := class id: Integer = 1; values ..?... end;




  5. Are there any news on this. Trying to use

    		procedure scrollIntoView;
    		procedure scrollIntoView(top: Boolean); overload;
    		procedure scrollIntoView(top: Boolean; options: JScrollOptions); overload;

    from W3C.CSSOM. I can only figure out how to use the first overload :(





  6. The Put method comes in two versions:


        function Put(data: string = ''): TRESTCall; overload;
        function Put(data: JObject): TRESTCall; overload;
    You should be able to do
    but i have not checked if it works.
    The error message above seems related to something else.
    Either headers are set too early or too late, i can't know by the error message (without research).
    Too early (perhaps not your problem): It [the error] would be emitted during the execution of "Call" (in TRESTCall.Create TW3HttpHeader.SetRequestHeader is called). The Underlying XHTTPRequest object should be in an ok state by then (have not checked, when i think about it i have never used the header functionality like that).
    Did you make sure there's no requests in the cache that may have header info?
    Too late (and i think this may be your problem): In the string version of Put Primoz inserts a header to tell the server this is text data. Then stringifies your JObject. So casting won't help in your original quest. You could perhaps try to stringify yourself or set that header early on (['Content-Type'] := 'application/json' if needed).
  7. As i compile the "Message" pane is cleared and filled up with compile and link time information. This overwrites any search amongst files i have done. Often i use the search result as a quick "to do" or "do check".


    I'd like to be able to compile and retain the (clickable) result. Thus my suggestion is that the search result have it's own panel (&Search). Even better would be an option like the Delphi IDE "open a new panel for each search".





  8. That is standard behaviour in all text editors I know.


    Good for you, Marcus :)



    But what about if pressing F3 on a selected word starts searching, without the dialog, as in CnBack for Delphi. I love that feature!!!

    IMHO the SMS IDE search may take on a LOT of improvements. It was useless to discuss these until recently when the "not found" bug was fixed. Search for posts by my name :)

  9. Brilliant answer, Christian!


    I'm sure it's possible to find, and i know it's been discussed, but i like to point out that the "class external" approach goes both ways too. Sometimes (because of the way some name need to change from pascal to js even regardless of code obfuscation) the "class external" approach is much better than to JSON.stringify records.

  10. "DWScript JS CodeGen's mini RTL" is the problem for me. Am i correct in stating that this piece of code is close source and rather undocumented? Or can i find the details around this "step" or "module" somewhere?





  11. Hello!


    In a project (without any/ *CL headers, this compiles:


    but (naturally) the browser will throw an exception as the external declaration for ShowMessage is in SmartCL.System.pas.


    I'm just notifying because it feels like this may be a symptom of something worse.





  12. Oh, and so that y'all can avoid some pitfall; using that method of adding the event should only be done once. If done twice you'll end up processing it twice - a potential problem. If you have the need to remove the event you can define a delegate (i hope my nomenclature is correct) to make it work:

    var errEvt: TEventListener;
    errEvt := HandleUncaughtExceptions;
    Window.addEventListener('error', @errEvt);
    Window.removeEventListener('error', @errEvt);




  13. Sorry for the delay - i did not have the notification turned on and have been "away" for a short while:


    I add this like so:


    Window.addEventListener('error', @HandleUncaughtExceptions);
    (Window is from W3C.HTML5.pas)





  14. Syntax Error: Argument 2 expects type "procedure (String, Integer)" instead of "procedure (String, Integer)" [line: 2770, column: 7, file: DocSearchManager]

    The difference in the signatur was that the parameters should have been "const".

    IMO if it's possible it would be nice if it showed in the message.

  15. Hmm... odd. When rewriting to [pas]

    if not (type in ['button'])

    i get the same expression generated [js]:

    if (!type=="button")

    that also never becomes true (?).


    Now i'm confused.

  16. IMO this should giva a compile time error (at least if DWScript follows Delphi here) [pas]:

    if (type not in ['button'])

    but instead generates an expression that always evaluate to false.



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