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  1. Thank you Jørn! I'll check the spam filters from February 6th 2015. (That was the e-mail that popped up either at download or installation. The various e-mail addresses are not easily gathered from the site.) Regards, /Dany
  2. Last sunday (yes6 days ago) i e-mailed support@smartmobilestudio.com the following: "The 2.2 beta will not accept my licence key. When i request a recept from Gumroad it says the licence key will be emailed shortly. That does not happen. Receipt attached Please help, /Dany" I attached my receipt wish i will not do here. IMHO this is a bit lame and it looks engagement around the product is failing.
  3. Dany

    File API?

    How do i construct a JBlob in Smart Pascal?
  4. Looking at the new SmartCL.Inet.REST unit i can see that for the payload of POST or PUT you have provided the options of either a string or a JObject. I have (for quite some time now) been yearning for a way to use records. That is not possible due to JS scope (variables being appended with $ and a counter) and code obfuscation. Someone suggested to use strings to be able to send a javascript object that needs to conform to what the server expects. That is tedious, tiresome and error-prone. The SmartCL.Inet.REST unit made me do some more testing around this. Using a JObject-based c
  5. Dany


    Hint: "value" does not match case of declaration ("Value") [line: 50, column: 91, file: SmartCL.Inet] Hint: "value" does not match case of declaration ("Value") [line: 97, column: 80, file: SmartCL.Inet] /D
  6. Dany

    Overloaded RTL function

    Same in 2.1.2 - nor change from 2.1.1.
  7. Where do i find more information on this? TIA, /Dany
  8. Hello! I'm experimenting with some javascript libraries. My confusion is mainly about most things "external". When browsing through the RTL i can see root external classes, inherited external classes with or without the 'name', external classes with external functions and with functions not marked as "exernal" but without implementation. Different ways of using "constructor". And so on. Is there a writeup on exactly how external work? I feel that i need more than trial-and-error here. TIA, /Dany
  9. Add: it seems it behaves like previously regarding errors. I got thrown off by trying to sift through a lot of Hints/Warnings.
  10. Hi! The Code packing option in Project Options|Compiler resets itself to false each time i reopen a project (2.1.1). This happens with a newly created console project too. Seems the tag i missing from the sproj file. If i try to insert it, what should it be named? TIA, /Dany
  11. Dany

    Overloaded RTL function

    I can add that moving the RTL file to my project directory and tagging the functions overload; there too fixed my immediate problem. However, this was not the way the compiler worked in 2.0. Please confirm that this is the intended behaviour of the Pascal dialect and I'll figure something else out. Regards, /Dany
  12. Hello! I'm not 100% sure that anything changed actually. But after the 2.1.1 update when i double-click a message in the "Messages" panel, the focus remains there. This forces me to grip the mouse - something that should be avoided at all times (except when testing, ha, ha). I there a key (like the F6 in Access) to jump from the panel to the code window? TIA, /Dany
  13. Hello! I have a common unit. In this unit some RTL functions has been overloaded. After upgrading to 2.1.1 the compiler selects the original RTL function for all parameter types except if called from the unit where the overload resides. So i get two functions (as should be) in my output func(a, b ) and func$1(a, b ). When calling this function from the common unit func$1 is called correctly when the types match and func is also called when the "original" types are used. But when calling func from a unit including my common unit the func-version (from the RTL) is always called.
  14. I must say i appreciate the article above. Trying to answer the op; I have done two projects in SMS. The first was a mobile app used by a choreographer to control dancers through their mobile phones. The "MISC Live" project was a prototyping effort but i would not have reached our goals in only 100 hours without SMS and PhoneGap. In this project i used the TCustomApplication approach and very few controls for the app and the "controller" webpage. My other project is a web-application and i have moved away from TCustomApplication completely. As time moves on and i learn more and mor
  15. Er, yes, *feeling stupid* but what is it for? How do i use it? When?
  16. Dany

    Linker Options Flaky

    I ALWAYS clone a machine before ANY upgrade of ANYTHING important. And SMS has become VERY important indeed ! So work away on the much by many longed for hotfix. I'll be fine. Sorry for shouting didn't mean to scare anyone.
  17. Dany

    Linker Options Flaky

    Unfortunately, no. 1. When i change to <Target>Library</Target> and open the project in the IDE, the IDE changes it back to <Target>Browser</Target>. 2. I really do not care much about a spurious "index.html" being written to my output directory. This is my linker options. This is the output file. I realize i have to upload a file. The smsAV.txt should have been included in my original post. Regards, /Dany smsAV.txt
  18. Dany

    Linker Options Flaky

    I think you misunderstood me. I cannot uncheck the option. I do not want the HTML part in the .js file. I have specified a filename.js.
  19. Dany

    Linker Options Flaky

    After upgrading to i cannot uncheck "Embed into HTML". I want a pure .js file output. If i change the option in the .sproj file (<EmbedJavaScript>0</EmbedJavaScript>) the Project Options Linker page only displays the "JavaScript Output" panel. The other ones are gone and i get an AV when trying to compile, close and most other things, see attached file. Simply create a console project and try to uncheck the option. Regards, /Dany
  20. I might not express myself clearly enough I wrote "Both classes are instantiated properly in the initialization section" so the differences between your first suggestion (above) and my implementation as current is that i declare the TMyInner type variable in the interface section. I also do not declare any variable of type TMyInterface/TMyLib. I tried that and it does not work. However, you second idea works (using the variable of type TMyInner declare in the interface section). You write "yeah, because the “Init” procedure isn’t called (from the compiler view)" but the differen
  21. Sorry AndreM, published does not cut it. Tried something like this with the latest beta; Interface; TMyInner = class(TObject) published procedure Init; end; TMyInterface = class(JObject) published procedure Init; end; var MyInnerInstance: TMyInner; ... Implementation; procedure TMyInterface.Init; begin MyInnerInstance.Init; end; (FYI, Both classes are instantiated properly in the initialization section). (Apologies for any typos, i wrote that into WordPress). When running this code in the browser it fails with "Uncaught TypeError: Object #
  22. Thanks AndreM for the hint! I was going to try your suggestion (i had/have the impression "published" should be used in the TObject descendant since that is the method that gets smart linked away and the JObject descendant is untouched by linking and obfuscation). But unfortunately my licensce have expired this morning
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