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  1. Heads-up! I have three rather extensive libraries written with SMS. I have been developing with obfuscation, packing and smart linking OFF. Using i am doing a little test with a JObject class as an "interface/exposer" between my TObject-based classes and the "JS World" in the html. I can say that calling a function of an instantiated class from the JObject based class does not work with smart linking. Though it works with packing and obfuscation. Having this work in 2.0 would be a boon. Smart linking shrinks stuff extremely. What happens is that the compiler
  2. "You don't have to include the resource files in the project" Important fact! I have been waiting for the "Save" command a lot since i added some soundbites to a project. Get kind of slooow... But how does this affect the app manifest? BTW some more writing and info on manifest and compilation options and linking options would be very nice. My page won't load the resource after removing them from the opp file... well...
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    I am used to putting the cursor in front ot the word and invoking search. This is conveniant because thats where the cursor ends up when you use Ctrl+arrows. So do not forget to pre-set the search text box even if the cursor is in front of character 1.
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