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  1. Jorn, Thanks for the links. I did not realize that "websql" was actually Sqlite. That certainly helps me get started. I have downloaded the SMS eval and I'm digesting it now. [burp!] I'll no doubt be posting more questions/suggestions in the next 30 days. I'm reading The Book and when I get through the intro I'll order the rest of it. I've heard a lot of good things about SMS and I'm surprised there is not more activity on these forums. Is it always this dead around here? I suppose that is a good thing because it doesn't look like people are having a lot of problems.
  2. I'm a long time Delphi programmer and I want to get into writing iOS and eventually Android apps. Many of these apps will need to use a local database, like Sqlite, preferably with encryption. I can't rely on the user having internet access when using my apps. 1) Can SMS do CRUD on a local Sqlite database using Pascal code? Or does the Db access have to be written in JS? Are there any examples or links for local Sqlite CRUD in SMS? 2) Can I access sensors in iOS like the accelerometer, compass, camera, shake motion, camera using Pascal code? 3) How fast are gestures and G
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