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  1. What open source alternative?
  2. It would be really nice to know details about what is coming since my subscription is about to be renewed, and let's face it, not much was done with this product in the last year.
  3. The last time I asked for this the thread was deleted.
  4. Are there any control characters between the lines, CRLF for e.g. in the response? Is the response JSON?
  5. And what should we expect from it?
  6. Is there any documentation or examples showing how to create and register custom components with the IDE?
  7. I discovered if you change the ActiveLineColor property in the Preferences.xml file it fixes the probelm.
  8. potus2@yahoo.com


    As a Delphi developer I make extensive use of RTTI. As I am evaluating SMS, I'd like to investigate how I can take advantage of it. Is there a TypInfo.pas equivalent unit that I can use to interrogate objects?
  9. As long as you are creating a new release, could you fix this. I don't like the default color scheme, I prefer a black background. But the 'ActiveLine' property of the preferences for colors doesn't stick when set. So I have a black background with a white ActiveLine which makes it hard to read. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v213/ArvinGirl/SmartMobile/SmartMobile_zps1f446ab5.jpg
  10. Send me the source. I'll do it for free That's how bad I want it.
  11. So does this mean the Wordstar commands are in the product now?
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