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  1. Update. I have noticed, that if an unit is not in the uses clause of the main Form, then that unit is not involved in the compilation process. Also, Code Completion (Shift+Ctrl+C) is not active for that unit.
  2. Hi, I upgraded SMS to the latest version Since then, Shift+CTRL+C is not functioning anymore. Is there a setting that needs to be changed? Cheers, Wai
  3. Thanks for the links/tips. I did do a search on JSON.
  4. Hi, Are there any utils or routines for constructing JSON strings? Something like uJSON or SuperObject in Delphi. Thanks, Wai
  5. thanks. I have come across a couple of 'bugs/undocumented features' while working with SMS. What is the best way to report them?
  6. just discovered why this happens. I have this declaration in the file added to the uses clause: var aRecord = record string1, string2 :string; end; It should have been var aRecord : record string1, string2:string; end; Shouldn't SMS detect the previous declaration as a Syntax Error?
  7. Hi, My mainform is not showing anymore after I have added a unit to the uses clause of the unit where my TApplication object resides. The added unit is an external file that I have added to the project. This happens also if I add the unit to the uses clause of my main form. Cheers, Wai
  8. Wai-kit

    Syntax error?

    yes it does work, but that is not the point I'm trying to make.
  9. search for Mormot in the forum. There is an example about using webservices returning JSON with the Mormot framework.
  10. Wai-kit

    Syntax error?

    yes, that's what I meant with getter and setter.
  11. Have a look at the Mormot framework. With it you can develop REST webservices which you can consume in SMS. It is quite versatile, but needs a bit of reading into.
  12. Wai-kit

    Syntax error?

    Hi Shane, Indeed using a getter and a setter does not result in a Syntax Error. But using the Caption (string) property of a TW3Label does. So, I was wondering whether this is an 'undocumented feature' (read bug :-). Using a private member, fCaption, is also not a solution since the purpose is to display a caption on a form. Thanks for the feedback.
  13. Wai-kit

    Syntax error?

    Hi, I have a TW3Label on a Form and the following declaration property FrmCaption:string read W3Label1.Caption write W3Label1.Caption; Smart give me this error: Syntax Error: Field/method "W3Label1" has an incompatible type Is this not allowed? Cheers, Wai
  14. I notice that if I move common files into the Libraries folder, that they are updated automatically. I think it's worth mentioning in the book, because I was looking for a way to set a Library search path but could not find it.
  15. Can't wait for v1.2 . I also cannot add files to a project which are not in the same project directory. This means it is not possible to share code between different projects?
  16. Hi, I wanted to open a .pas file in SMS, but I cannot find an Open button. In SMS you can opens files that are part of the project? Cheers, Wai
  17. Hi CWBudde, thank you for the answers. I will have a look at the Box2d demo. What I am looking for is some kind of a how-to to import/wrap javascript libraries in SMS in general terms. Hopefully the demo can give me a clue. Where can I find the wrappers for the mentioned libraries?
  18. Hi Jorn, Just bought a license for SMS, because I am quite confident that SMS will be able to deliver what I'm trying to develop. I am also a long time Delphi developer and I have a couple of questions/remarks, some might be answered already. Maybe you can point me to these answers or provide answers. - How do I use javascript libraries, like JQuery, in SMS? Is there an example on this subject? - Where can I find examples of usage of the PhoneGap wrappers? Thanks, Wai
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