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  1. How do I read and write cookies from inside my application?
  2. Ok, I understand this part. a) If I want to have the checkbox aligned to the right side, how do I do that? When I click the Item (not just the checkbox area) I want to toggle the checkbox. c) if the checkbox is initially checked, the whole item should be disabled, how? d) And in the main form above the Listbox I want to have a Label. Hopefully this helps me learn parts of the layout system as well.
  3. Well I did try that too (but only in LBItem) and then I got compiler errors. This time I tried to add in both Main and LBItem forms and then it compiled ok. I have three properties: Header, Text and Checkbox However I only see the Text property in the new item in the listbox. procedure TActionForm.AddItem(header,text: String; checkbox: String; checked: Boolean); begin var item := ActionList.Add; var lbItem := TLBItem.Create(ActionList.Items[item]); lbItem.Header := header; lbItem.Text := text; lbItem.Checkbox.Caption := checkbox; lbItem.Checkbox
  4. Thank you gabr, However I got a compiler complaint from this line in e) <b>Layout.Top(Layout.Padding(3), [W3Header, W3Checkbox]).Resize(Self);</b> Syntax Error: Unknown name "Layout" [line: 51, column: 3, file: LBItem] I tried to read about layout manager, but was unable to resolve it anyway.
  5. I am new to Mobile Studio and tries to evaluate it by making some small projects. I have created a page with TW3Listbox and tries to add some data. ActionList.Add('item 1'); ActionList.Add('item 2'); The items are added, but the text is not visible. Am I doing something wrong? Second question on Listbox: Is it possible to format each "item", like having a header with larger text and a body with smaller text and a checkbox? How can this be accomplished? Kind Regards Jan Blomqvist
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