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  1. So much time since my last login? Anyway, I should test that new alpha compiler from you. I'll tell you if it works. Thanks for the tips. The idea of Allegro4js is to add an abstraction layer that helps to port games, as you said. The original project is a bit out-of-date though.
  2. Glad to see you're working on SMS but I didn't see any mention to the compiler itself. You know I'm having some issues with it...
  3. Nop, I wasn't able as the free compiler still doesn't work for me. I'm still unemployed so I can't buy a license. I'm sad with this because I had plans.
  4. Thanks LaksekjĂžnn. I've tested and same result (Linux only though, didn't test on Windows). I really don't know what's wrong: SMSC, my computer or myself. Anywaw, I tested in a different computer on June (clean one, installing the free compiler only) and had same result. Then I suspect that the SMSC needs also a valid license as the first time I tested it I still had the trial-license active. Can somebody install the SMSC (free compiler only, not the IDE) in a clean computer (one that NEVER had SMS installed before) and confirm it works?
  5. I rescue this thread just because I've read about the future new release so I re-installed and did some more testings. I've found why it didn't work! There are some problems with hints, warnings and error identifications by the compiler . I've discovered this because, for no special reason, I've compiled the test program using options "-verbosity=verbose -hints=pedantic", so I found that the code had some mistakes as I asumed it includes some stuff that it doesn't! The problem here is that compiler doesn't tell it because it identifies such problems as hints not warnings or errors. IMHO
  6. I'm creating this thread just because I can't comment the original blog article without creating a new user. I'm glad they're still working on the project. I hope they also fix the free compiler that generates an empty JS file issue. [edit] Finally I've found where the problem is. Please read this message with full explanation and how to reproduce.
  7. Thanks. Unfortunately I have the same results . The compiler executable is different; this one is about 3MiB bigger than the old one. I did several tests but no one worked. I hope next release can fix this.
  8. Niunio_Martinez


    The "Go" button works. Seems to be the "re-train" one fails.
  9. Niunio_Martinez


    It crashed my Firefox (Xubuntu 14.04.1 + Firefox 49.0)
  10. Hi. Sorry for the late post. I've tried but it still generates an empty .js file. No error messages. This is really making me angry. [edit] I'm thinking if this is a Wine problem. I'll try in an old WindXP later and see if it works.
  11. So, nobody answer? More info: I've removed the Wine directory and configuration, then reinstalled the command line compiler again. It still doesn't work. Trying to compile a project gives this output: # wine ~/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files\ \(x86\)/Smart\ Mobile\ Studio/smsc.exe game.pas -output-name=game.js SmartMS command-line compiler, (c) 2016 The Smart Company AS Building src\game.pas [INFO] Building project ''... [INFO] Compiling... [INFO] Generating JavaScript... [INFO] Linking... Results in an empty game.js file. The same project generated valid JavaScript project few
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