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  1. Delphi backend server & SMS

    I cannot seem to be able to create a new topic. I accepts my post but it never appear on forum.
  2. Delphi backend server & SMS

    Plain delphi/pascal code should not be a problem, but for example generics are not supported yet in SMS. Luckily my simple framework is almost pure Pascal with no VCL or other dependencies. Things I would need to port my object persistence lib to SMS: GetMem & pointer arithmetic. InterlockedCompareExchange Memory-mapped files Ability to run background thread Is this possible at the moment? I'd be happy to share the code with others SMS users if it proves to be any good/useful at all. Regards Ekkas
  3. Node.js/socket.io +SMS seems to be the way to go for us. However we've developed an object-base storage engine in Delphi that get compiled/integrated with the business logic into a server tier exe (or dll). This can run on same server as node.js. What would be 'best-practices' to retain all the benefits of using SMS with Node.JS but let the node.js server be able to do IPC with the Delphi server that does all persistence and business logic? I've read in other posts that html is easiest, but if I can make a raw TCP connection from the SMS server (not clients) to the Delphi server, it will be easy from there on. Or even better, is it possible to write the server-side with node.js (like the SMS server socket.io demo) easily in Delphi? Thank you Ekkas
  4. Noob startup question

    Thank you very much. It makes sense now.
  5. Noob startup question

    I am not making sense of this... In the server app, it says: var port := 5000; But the client app says: FSocket := socketio.connect('http://localhost:80'); and when I run it: The server runs succesfully on port 500o according to console. So how do server port 5000 work with the client app's port 80 in code and 8090 in runtime? I tried to compile the client with port 5000 and 8090 but it did not work in either case. I also tried copying the client www to server public folder each time, and just access server from browser, but everytime I just get the progress bars already filled-up / non-responsive. Edit: I can see something happening on server though: Server running at info - socket.io started http request: /index.html http request: /app.manifest http request: /res/app.css http request: /lib/socketio.js http request: /app.manifest http request: /favicon.ico Regards Ekkas
  6. Noob startup question

    but be aware: it is also very cool and addictive I certainly hope so. Well I got the demo running, then running client from SMS. <span style="font-size: 14px; line-height: 1.5em;">http://localhost:8090 - </span>returns 'Hello world' http://localhost:8090/index.html - returns the progress bars with buttons, but nothing happens when I click. I included line below as some rudimentary debugging, but it does not show new connections. var value := 0; var io := socketio().listen(server); io.sockets.on('connection', //wait for connections procedure(socket: JSocketIO) begin ===>>Console.log('New connection'); socket.emit('dataPushed', ['test']); //push some test data to client on connection
  7. Noob startup question

    Aha thanks. All this (coming from strict Delphi desktop/Firebird) is new to me, so I do not know where to look. I had to do a : npm install socket-io as well and now demo is running! Thank you. Regards Ekkas
  8. Noob startup question

    Thanks for the reply. On trying to run your -SmartNodeSocketIO- demo, I get this: FMessage: 'Error, Cannot find module \'node-static\'' I think I did the setup, I installed node.js (32-bit on Win7-64) and ran the socket-io install command. I extracted the code into folder of my choice and ran it from SMS. Should I copy anything to any shared folders or something? Apologies if I ask silly questions but would like to get the demo up from where I can start to 'play'. Regards Ekkas
  9. Noob startup question

    I seem to have had another service running on port 80. (Blushing)...
  10. Noob startup question

    Hello. I'm first time user of SmartMobileStudio. I've done my homework and SMS is the way our company want to go forward, away from SQL desktop apps to server/web based apps, especially since 2.0beta is out with networking/server side. I've just bought SMS (I know the trial would have been fine for now) and want to run the node.js Hello world. I installed node.js as either 64 and then (un+install)as 32 bit before executing the demo, but the debug screen just flash past and the server does not run. (I'm on Win7-64) Can I stop the debug to see any messages of is there a log file somewhere? What else could be missing to get up and running? Regards Ekkas