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  1. I created a form with an TW3Image (W3Image1) and a TW3Button (W3Button1). Then, I added the following code in InitializeObject: W3Button1.enabled := false; W3Image1.enabled := false; writeln('W3Button1 enabled: ' + W3Button1.enabled.tostring); writeln('W3Image1 enabled: ' + W3Image1.enabled.tostring); This is what I get in the console when I execute the project: It seems that the enabled property of TW3Image cannot be changed...
  2. I know how it feels Great, I confirm that this workaround works. It seems to fix also the other functions TW3Row.Clear, etc... Thank you and enjoy your weekend.
  3. Hi, I did replace the line #1068 in procedure TW3TagObj.RemoveFrom of SmartCL.Components.pas: EW3TagObj.RaiseCntErrMethod({$I %FUNCTION%}, Self, CNT_ERR_TAGREF_ISNIL); with: Exit; But I am still getting the exception. I tried also TW3Grid.DeleteRow, TW3Row.Clear(), TW3Columns.Delete, TW3Columns.Clear : none of those seem to work neither. Thanks for your prompt answer anyway
  4. Hi, TW3Grid.ClearRows creates an exception in version Call stack is: Tw3TagObj.Destroy Tobject.Free TW3Grid.ClearRows and the exception seems to occur in TW3TagObj.GetInnerHTML according to chrome debugger. I cannot find a workaround. Can someone please confirm this? Thanks
  5. Takavoir

    Using grids

    Hi there, Anybody can help me? Maybe my post is not clear enough? Thanks
  6. Takavoir

    Using grids

    Hi, I am trying to use a grid this way: I would like to be able to retreive a row ID when I click on a specific row to delete that row for example. So far, here is what I got to create the ButtonColumn in the grid: procedure TSpeakers.InitButtonColumn(ColumnName: String); begin procedure W3ButtonColumnButtonClick(Sender: TObject); begin var i : integer; for i := 0 to Speakers.Count - 1 do begin var speaker := Speakers.Items[i] As TSpeaker; var button := TW3Button(Sender); if speaker.Name = TW3Button(Sender).Caption then begin Cu
  7. I got it: the upgrade was a coincidence. The real reason was the following: The name of my project was 'Forms' (not very original I know then I renamed the unit created by default 'Unit1' with the same name than the project itself 'Forms'... So in the sproj file I had: <File type="unit"> <Name>Forms</Name> and <File type="main"> <Name>Forms</Name> This works fine until you close the project and try to reopen it (after an upgrade in my case). This situation is responsible for the 'Duplicates not allowed' message to appear at
  8. After upgrading to, I am not able to open my old projects. Message is 'Duplicates not allowed'. Any suggestions? Thanks
  9. When adding controls to a form on the IDE in the Design tab, they're created with private accessibility. They're not acessible from a derived class. How can I change their accessibility? Context: I am developing an application with about 15 pages that have exactly the same template: a top menu, a main panel, a status bar, etc... I was planning to create a template class with all the common controls and then, a derived form for each page of my application. Is there another way to achieve this?
  10. Good morning, What is the purpose of the 'Add resource(s) button' in the top toolbar of SMS? Nothing happens when I click on it. I am using SMS Professional Thanks
  11. Takavoir

    In app purchases?

    I searching for a way to implement In-App Purchases (IAP) . Phonegap has their iOS In-App Purchase plugin that wraps storekit. Any chance that this plugin will be added to the SMS PhoneGapAPI? Any other suggestions?
  12. Well, it worked for me. Thanks!
  13. Good morning, In featured demos, when trying to open the Spartacus project, I get a 'SFM mode not found'. I am using SMS Professional Ideas? Thanks
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