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  1. The last release was Smart Mobile Studio 2.1.2 October 10th, 2014. Now for over a year no official update was released, but annual license fees apply unconditionally (subscription plan) . So it can happen, that the user pays the annual fee and receives no value in return. I could imagine, that could upset a few of the subscribers. (Just my humble personal opinion.)
  2. I wonder if nobody else experiences problems in opening the October 2015 examples in SMS: Featured Demos\API\HTML5 DOM\Sunrise Calculator\ Featured Demos\API\HTML5 DOM\Geolocation\ etc. The project Manager takes the name "geolocation", but eventually remains empty. See attachment.
  3. The Property Inspector of Form1 creates upon doubleclick the Event "OnResize" the procedure TForm1.Form1Resize() , but this procedure is never called upon resize. TForm1.Resize() is called instead in that event, but the Property Inspector is not aware of that.
  4. Thanks Markus for the detailed explanation,
  5. Unwanted Line Break in W3Label Caption in FireFox and Opera ? W3Label Captions get linebreaks if spaces are present in the caption, in few browsers (Opera 12.17 and FireFox 32.0.3) but I don't see any reason for this behaviour. IExplorer and Chrome do not break the line at spaces in W3Label captions. I don't want to force the users to avoid FireFox, it is quite popular. Pictures and sample application are attached. Couldn't find a workaround to display a line of words in a W3Label properly.... hmmm. labellinebreak.zip
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