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  1. jarto

    License (Gumroad)

    Hi, Gumroad's automatic license mailing has not been working for a long time. That's why we've moved all new purchases to Stripe. I'll ask Jörn to send the license to you asap. Sorry about the delay and the trouble. @jorn
  2. jarto


    Having a look at this now. This is pretty simple to handle by using TApplication.OnActivate and OnDeactivate. There's some more work to do also: Designing Time ticks all the time if the form designer is visible. It should react to changes just like Editing Time does. Build duration is not updated. The Statistics form could use a Clear-button.
  3. jarto

    Renaming form in ObjectInspector

    Thank you for your comments. @IgorSavkic's suggestion makes perfect sense. To sum this up: Rename from Project Manager: Change unit name Change file name NO changes to form class name Rename from Property Inspector: Change form class name NO changes to unit name NO changes to file name
  4. jarto

    Renaming form in ObjectInspector

    I'm starting to get an idea of where the problem is. But before I can fix this, I'd like to ask you guys for your opinion on what the expected behavior should be. Because currently the renaming happens differently in the Property Inspector and Project Manager: Through Project manager: Form class is changed Unit name is changed File name is changed Through Property Inspector: Form class is changed Unit name is NOT changed File name is NOT changed Should I make both behave the same way or do you guys see an advantage in these behaving differently? Please let me know.
  5. jarto

    Renaming form in ObjectInspector

    Ahh, now I get it. You're renaming from the Property Inspector and not from the Project Manager. I can reproduce this reliably now. Next step is to fix it.
  6. jarto

    Android Back Button (Cordova/ Phonegap)

    DeviceReady is supposed to fire only once. That's where the example code I wrote sets the next event listener to listen to backbutton. That event listener should be active all the time when the app is running. Make sure that you don't set the backbutton-event listener before deviceready has happened.
  7. jarto

    Renaming form in ObjectInspector

    Thanks. Now I can try to reproduce this problem.
  8. jarto

    Android Back Button (Cordova/ Phonegap)

    Hmm, so the eventObj does not exist. How about if you make onBackKeyDown a function and return false there?
  9. jarto

    Renaming form in ObjectInspector

    I couldn't reproduce this with either. What I need are clear steps to reproduce this with the BeforeRename-project. When I can do that, then I can run the IDE in Delphi to find out what goes wrong. So, something like this: Extract BeforeRename to a new folder Start SMS ide Open BeforeRename-project ??? ??? ??? Press enter -> Boom.
  10. jarto

    Renaming form in ObjectInspector

    Hmm, no problem with renaming using the version in the development-channel. I have to still test the real installer but that will be a bit later.
  11. jarto

    Android Back Button (Cordova/ Phonegap)

    procedure TForm1.onBackKeyDown(eventObj: JEvent); begin //Here do the right thing based on any variable in your app. //Call preventDefault if you do not want your app to close. eventObj.preventDefault(); end; procedure TForm1.onDeviceReady(eventObj: JEvent); begin document.addEventListener('backbutton', onBackKeyDown, false); end; procedure TForm1.bindEvents; begin document.addEventListener('deviceready', onDeviceReady, false); end; Probably something like this.
  12. jarto

    Working with Emoji data

    Phew, that took some digging, but I found a solution: function ConvertFromUCS16(Value: String): String; begin //Make sure any " are escaped for var i:=Length(Value) downto 1 do if (Value[i]='"') and ((i=1) or (Value[i-1]<>'\')) then Insert('\',Value,i); result:=TString.DecodeURIComponent(JSON.parse('"'+Value+'"')); end; Solution from: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/7885096/how-do-i-decode-a-string-with-escaped-unicode Edit: Whoops, fixed a bug in the escaping Edit2: Add System.JSON to uses clause.
  13. jarto

    Procedure code completion

    Thank you for a good suggestion.
  14. jarto

    Renaming form in ObjectInspector

    Does this happen with a certain project or are you able to reproduce this from scratch with a new project? I have problems reproducing this from a new project. If it's only in a certain project, can you send the zip to jt at smartmobilestudio.com?
  15. jarto

    Renaming form in ObjectInspector

    @IgorSavkic Which version of SMS are you using? I'm asking because a bug like this was fixed in December.