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  1. Hmm... there seems to be an offset. It's probably because I paste controls with an offset. Gotta see how Delphi does that and add the offset only if it makes sense.
  2. There's a small update available. It adds a possibility to change TW3ListBox line text.
  3. I just sent an e-mail to Jörn about this and asked him to solve the issues. They are license and payment related, which is in his domain. I hope he will solve it fast.
  4. If you want to make sure that the files are unmodified, it's best to calculate check sums of them and compare to values that you store in your app. Smart RTL does not have native function for this but searching for javascript md5 gives lots of options.
  5. Basically, there's next to no way to prevent this. Because people can run your code in a debugger and circumvent the code that checks if it's been tampered. They can also make the code feed the right values to your server no matter what. So when you're making a client that interacts with a server, you should plan it so that the server does not trust a single piece of information that is passed to it without checking it. And make it so that the server takes these pieces and does all the calculations and database writes.
  6. @gabr42 just fixed the update issues. Now it works again.
  7. Thank you for reporting this. Let me have a look.
  8. The image is not blurry on my Samsung Galaxy S10. What phone model have you been testing on? And do others also see this same problem? Maybe changing image-rendering helps? For example: Img.Handle.style['image-rendering'] := 'pixelated'; https://www.w3docs.com/learn-css/image-rendering.html
  9. A new update is available: IDE: Fix compilation without saving, when SMS is run from Program Files Change embedded browser to always use localhost This lets us use Chrome's Powerful Features through http RTL: Add RemoteUrl as a property for TNJWebSocketServer Bug fixes and improvements to TW3Slider Works now with mobile devices Set default max value to 100
  10. The improvement above is now in the alpha branch.
  11. The fix is now available in the alpha branch.
  12. Sorry for only noticing this post now. I'd be happy to brain storm this with you. I've earlier done this kind of apps so, that the server side has been written in Delphi or Lazarus. Basically, the server is the only one talking with the database. Then you need a socket server or a http(s) server component, for the communication. Here you have two possibilities: http(s) server, which means that the client communicates with the server using standard http(s) GET and PUT. If you do this, you can start development by simply using a web browser to call the server. And once that works
  13. Ah, got it. Yes, the component was old and not working with mobile devices. I fixed it up and will soon push up an update. Thank you @JimKueneman and sorry for the delay.
  14. I am terribly sorry. I will message and e-mail him again.
  15. I'll make sure that @jorn solves this.
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