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  1. jarto

    Bugs and Features

    This is weird. I was able to reproduce this once, but most often it does comment both lines.
  2. jarto

    Bugs and Features

    @tristan The development-channel has now an update, which fixes the bugs in TW3TabControl
  3. jarto

    Development updates

    New update available: IDE: Zip Entire Project did not include Form .sfm -files RTL: Bug fixes to TW3TabControl
  4. jarto

    Getting user's input from input box

    A simple solution is Prompt, like @Daniel Eiszelewrote: var Answer:=Prompt('Question'); WriteLn(Answer); If you want a more beautiful solution, then you can make a form for the input and show it modally. That way you can control everything.
  5. jarto

    Bugs and Features

    Thank you. Now I can reproduce the problem. Gonna have a look.
  6. jarto

    Bugs and Features

    Thank you bvery much for reporting these. TabForms.zip does not contain the form sfm-files, so I can't test that bug right away. Can you manyally zip the folder so all files are included?
  7. jarto

    TW3StringGrid is available

    Thank you @tristan and @IElite Yeah, creating new culumn types is really as simple as generating the right html. Especially with images. With images you probably don't even have to override SetColumnEvents. It's mainly used with controls where the used can change the cell value, like Edit, Combo and Boolean.
  8. jarto

    Issue with DEVELOPMENT-branch (was BETA) building APP

    @Tim Koscielski Here's my best guess about what is going on: I assume you have added the Grid in the Designer. That means that the Grid control is created in Form.InitializeObject here: {$I 'Form_ProjectMasterListN:impl'} The compiler generates the code to create the grid and set its properties. After that you call InitGrid. Now, when a control is created in JavaScript, the browser initializes it asynchronously. This means that your code continues to run but it takes some time before the control is actually ready. It may be that on your computer it takes so long that the Grid's handle is not ready when you start accessing it. In the latest development update I changed the code that is created for that impl section. When earlier the control was just created and properties were set, now the generated code waits for the object to be ready. Only after that it starts setting properties. It eliminates random problems. To be sure that the Grid is ready, you can call InitGrid like this: TW3Dispatch.WaitFor([W3Grid1], procedure begin InitGrid; end); That's the same way the code generated by the IDE does it.
  9. jarto

    Development updates

    New update is available in the development-channel: IDE: Anchors (and other sets) can be set in the Object Inspector Improvements to generated Form implementation code: Wait until created components are ready before setting properties and creating children Set Anchors last Prevent conflicting keyboard shortcuts from being saved Use better default project options (no manifests, do not embed Javascript) Add new units to units defaults and improve formatting RTL: Add xml-js to Libraries. New ECMA.Promise unit from api docs System.JSON: Support for adding/setting JSON arrays Add TJSONObject.Delete Set form size to 100% before calling InitializeObject Add missing units to SmartCL.Controls Setting control's angle did not work in Firefox Don't raise an exception while freeing a form which is not registered Themes: default styles were not applied for all elements in Android and iOS Fixes a bug where textarea's size is too big in TW3Memo Note, that while the anchors can be set in the Object Inspector, it does not result in visible changes in the Visual Designer.
  10. jarto

    TW3StringGrid is available

    Use SelectedIndex to set or read the index. The grid does not use ContentSelectionMode.
  11. jarto

    Getting user's input from input box

    This is new for me. Looks like the InputBox is from DWS. When the code is compiled and run, you can see in the source that InputBox is called but absolutely nothing happens - not even an error. Very weird.
  12. jarto

    Node.js API in a Visual Components Project

    I don't think you can use NodeJS api in a Visual Components Project.
  13. jarto

    Building an application

    @IElite already posted a link to my tutorial. If the problem you have is only to get the apk to your phone, I usually just connect my phone to my laptop via a usb cable and copy the apk to a folder. Then I start the file manager app in the Android phone, go to that folder, locate the apk and install it.
  14. jarto

    Page Loading Issues with iPhone Browser

    Are you saving something to the local storage? If not, this could be as simple as just cache. In that case, try deleting the app.manifest -file and uncheck "Generate cache manifest" on the Linker page in Project Options.
  15. jarto

    components lose name - little IDE bug

    Thank you. I'll add this to my work list.