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  1. Vibration API

    If you make a Phonegap app, then it's simply: PhoneGap.Notification.vibrate(1000);
  2. Overriding TW3ListBoxItemData style

    And when you have a pretty short list like this, but with complicated items, it's a good idea to set W3Listbox1.RecycleControls := False;
  3. Overriding TW3ListBoxItemData style

    Found the problem in your CSS. Try this: .XListBoxItemSelectedStyle{ background-color: #000000; color: #FFFFFF } .XListBoxItemStyle{ color: #000000; background-color: #FFFFFF
  4. New Alpha update

    New update available: In this one I've fixed some bugs in TW3ListBox and TW3CheckListBox. @IElite Have a look at the TW3CheckListBox source to see how you can control the creation of TW3ListBoxItemData. I also added TW3ListBox.Selected[Index] so that you can easily toggle selected on/off for items.
  5. New Alpha update

    I'll try to write an example today. Edit: Actually, while doing it I found some bugs too. I will fix those too.
  6. New Alpha update

    After a long break, a new update is available: IDE: - Added support for search paths - Updated SynEdit - Bug fixes - ACE (TW3AceEditor) added to the Component Palette RTL: - New units: - System.Collections - System.StorageDevice - Marjor improvements to TW3Dataset, TW3DatasetFilter and WebSQL - Bug fixes and improvements to TextParser - Bug fixes to WebFonts support - Moved TCriticalSection to System.Types - Improvements to TW3ListBox and TW3CheckListBox: - Support for SelectedIndex and automatic change of style background for selected items - Support for MultiSelect - Possibility to override creation of TW3ListBoxItemData - Allows use of own classes and properties - Allows overriding SetSelected to control what styling changes should be made when items are selected Bug fixes to many demos
  7. Requesting a trial key

    Hi Allen, Thank you for reporting this. We had some temporary server problems. I just tested this and now it does work.
  8. Black Screen of Death

    Your profile says that you're using the Basic Edition. Only the Professional and Enterprise versions have the intergrated debugger, where you can set breakpoints just like in Delphi.
  9. Black Screen of Death

    When you start you app and get the black screen, click on DevTools to open the internal debugger: Then click Reload to reload the page. Click on that red X in the upper right corner: Then expand the error message to get the stack trace:: This was an example where I introduced a bug in InitializeForm. You can also try using breakpoints by clicking on that "bug" icon: Then you should be able to set breakpoints in your code. Unfortunately I did not get it to stop during initialization, so it may be that this is not working properly during app startup. And the last thing is to use old-school WriteLn like it has been suggested earlier. However, that may not work if your bug only happens on mobile devices where you don't have a debugger. In that case you can use Application.DebugPrint: Set Application.OnDebugPrint as early as possible to point to your own procedure In this procedure collect the debug information. Add SmartCL.Application and SmartCL.Debug to uses clauses In any unit file: Application.DebugPrint('Your message'); Show the debug information where it's comfortable for you Good luck with your bug hunt!
  10. install package compilation error

    We have updated the alpha.zip after we noticed that, but you hit this problem as you had downloaded it earlier.
  11. form's OnDeactivate error

    Weird. I just tried this with a new project and it worked fine with the default event.
  12. TW3ListBox's Items - Selected or SelCount ?

    There is no automatic way for this in the ListBox. When you click on an item, you get the TW3ListBoxItemData, which you can freely change. You can get the ItemObject and change its style. And you can also set TagValue to whatever you want. Then it's just a matter of checking for those.
  13. After writing that, I noticed that newer versions of iTunes do not install ipa-packages any more. To get around that, there are some ways: https://codeburst.io/latest-itunes-12-7-removed-the-apps-option-how-to-install-ipa-on-the-device-3c7d4a2bc788 I myself decided to use an older version of iTunes, that you can download from that page. That let me install the PhonegapTest.ipa, which I created in Phonegap build. And guess what? The app was installed in my iPad It started and initialized Phonegap properly I clicked on "Init push notifications", which registered itself properly and returned a Token What did not work: Saving the token as the plugin I had used for selecting the folder is strictly Android only However, there are many other plugins that you can use and there's no problem defining different plugins for Android and iOS in the config.xml -file. But basically, your Smart Mobile Studio app is now ready to receive push notifications on both Android and iOS.
  14. This post is about bringing iOS to the mix. While you can create development apps in Android without much preparation, Apple is a lot more restrictive. You need an iOS Developer Account, which costs $99 per year. Without that, you can't even test or install any own apps on your own iOS devices. You'll also be told everywhere that you need a Mac computer with XCode, but you really don't need it. These instructions tell you how to work around it. Shopping list: iOS Developer Account ($99 per year) iTunes installed on your Windows computer (Free) OpenSSL to create the necessary keys (Free) Your iPad or iPhone First, create your private key and CSR according to these instructions: https://iandevlin.com/blog/2012/11/phonegap/building-an-ios-signing-key-for-phonegap-in-windows/ Then log on to https://developer.apple.com Step 1: Select App IDs from the left and click on the plus sign: Give a name to your app: yourappname Explicit App ID: com.yourdomain.yourappname Select the App Services you want to use: Push Notifications Continue Step 2: Create developer certificates Select Certificates from the left and click on the plus sign Select iOS App Development Continue Upload the ios.csr -file that you created with OpenSSL Continue Download the ios_development.cer Step 3: Add devices. For this step you need to get the UDID code for your iOS device(s). You can find it by connecting your device to your computer and running iTunes and following these instructions: https://bjango.com/help/iphoneudid/ Select Devices/All from left and click on the plus sign Give a name to your device Type or copy-paste your UDID Select Create device Step 4: Create provisioning profile Select Provisioning Profiles/Development from left and click on the plus sign Select the app id you created Continue Select your certificate Continue Select the iOS devices you want to install you app on Continue Give a name to the profile Continue Download the provisioning profile Step 5: Create ios_development.p12 with OpenSSL according to the instructions on Ian Devlin's blog (the link above) Step 6: Log in to Phonegap Build and submit your iOS certificate and Provisoning Profile Click on the failed, red iOS build and select "add a key" Give a meaningful name for the key Submit your ios_Development.p12 Submit your Provisioning profile Click on submit key Step 7: Unlock key Click on the yellow lock Type in your export password, that you created in OpenSSL Now Phonegap should have everything it needs to properly build an ipa package of your application. If you click on Rebuild or submit a new zip- file, the iOS version will also be built. It if is successful, you can download the ipa-package and install it on your iOS device in iTunes.
  15. New Alpha update

    Version is now available with SmartUpdate. It adds support for push notifications. I also made a post with details and sample code: https://forums.smartmobilestudio.com/topic/4524-creating-a-mobile-app-for-android-and-ios/?do=findComment&comment=22566