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  1. Yes, the license will work with every version and release we make for 12 months.
  2. A new update is available: IDE: Object inspector's component list is now filled properly Fix memory leaks RTL: Remove extra code from TW3BlockBox (used by modal forms) Add missing headers to TW3HttpRequest.Send I tried to also fix the bug where SmartMS.exe and CEF4Delphi.exe don't shut down properly, but that bug still exists. Working on it some more, though.
  3. jarto

    css styling

    Well, I've been thinking about how to support this as it'd be great to be able to use standard stylesheets from other frameworks. That way we could have access to a lot of ready made stylesheets. The one I had a look at earlier was Bulma. At the moment we do have background- and borderstyles like for example bsContainerBackground or btFlatBorder. What I'd like to test is to add a number of new styles and then create a mapping layer between them and the other frameworks. For example: Add a background like bsErrorBackground When a Bulma stylesheet is used, and bsErrorBackground is set, the mapping layer would translate that to Bulma's style: "is-problem" In the same way, bsContainerBackground could be translated to Bulma's "box" style etc.
  4. @Daniel Eiszele I'll fix this also in the next update. Probably later today.
  5. jarto

    HttpRequest Headers not being written

    Thank you. I'll include the fix in the next alpha update.
  6. Thank you @Daniel Eiszele for your help. I was confused and thought that you guys did not see even the modal dialog.
  7. Yes. This was mentioned as a known bug in the release notes.
  8. That is weird. Can you see any errors in the dev tools?
  9. jarto

    Debugging a NodeJS -app

    While debugging the httpsserver, I started wondering how NodeJS-apps are debugged. Here's how you do it with Chrome: 1. Open your NodeJS Project, go to the Project Options' Execution-tab and add "--inspect" to Parameters (Notice, that I added --inspect followed by a space before %output%) 2. Compile, Execute 3. Start Chrome and go to chrome://inspect 4. Click on "Open dedicated DevTools for Node" That's it. You can set breakpoints in the Sources-tab, inspect values etc.
  10. A smaller update is available in the alpha-channel. This contains some bug fixes and a new demo: Bug fixes to Application.ShowModalForm Bug fix to TNJHTTPSServer.Dispatch in SmartNJ.Server.Https.pas New self signed certificates for the nodejs https-demo New featured demo: LoginDialog The demo is a small example on how to show a form as modal to use it as a login form.
  11. jarto

    NodeJS Route Manager

  12. jarto

    NodeJS Route Manager

    Interesting. In what kind of an app are you using this yourself?
  13. jarto

    Nodejs https ciphers out of date

    I'll include the fix, new ciphers and new self signed certificates in the next update
  14. jarto

    Nodejs https ciphers out of date

    @Daniel Eiszele Where did you obtain those ciphers and blacklists from?