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  1. One year of hard work, lots of changes, new features and bug fixes. But here it is! Release announcement: https://smartmobilestudio.com/2018/07/20/smart-mobile-studio-3-0-released/ Most of you have already been using beta-versions, that are really, really close to this release. The last bit was to fix the cors-problem in the Images and to add the Smart Desktop source code to the Featured Demos. We've also set up a live demo of the Desktop to showcase what Smart Mobile Studio and JavaScript can do: desktop.smartmobilestudio.com Big thanks to everybody here, who have helped by testing, suggesting improvements and reporting bugs.
  2. jarto


    All the mouse and touch events are these days handled centrally by TW3EventManger. When the mouse moves anywhere in the document, it finds out which component it should belong to and generates the mousemove. If you use SetCapture, the Event Manager makes sure to only send the mousemove event to that component and nowhere else. The old versions of Smart Mobile Studio was not as strict, but that resulted in all kinds of other problems where the same event could fire multiple times etc. If you want to be able to listen to global mouse movements, you can still do it with addEventListener: uses ... W3C.DOM, ... procedure GlobalMouseMove(eventObj: JMouseEvent); begin WriteLn('Global Mousemove!'); end; Application.Document.Handle.addEventListener('mousemove', @GlobalMouseMove, True);
  3. jarto

    loading images

    I'll find out if there was a reason it was added. This change came when @lennartfixed images to work with streams. If that is needed for streams, I'll simply move it so it's set on demand. If it's not needed at all, I'll remove it.
  4. jarto

    loading images

    Ok, Removing this line fixes the problem, but there's something weird going on with that Simple Browser app: This works: file:///C:/ImageProblem/wwwCURRENT/index.html This does not: c:\ImageProblem\wwwCURRENT\index.html Hmm.... now it works again with both paths. Weird. But anyway, that SetCrossOrigin -call is the source of the problem. Going to make sure that it's called only when needed.
  5. jarto

    loading images

    Can I also have the SMS source for this test?
  6. jarto

    loading images

    Yes please!
  7. jarto

    loading images

    @Czar Try removing line 311 from SmartCL.Controls.Image.pas: SetCrossOrigin('Anonymous'); If it doesn't help, please zip the www-folders for me compiled with both the old and new version and send them to jt at smartmobilestudio.com
  8. jarto

    loading images

    Can you also try doing this before calling LoadFromURL? Backimg.CrossOrigin := '';
  9. jarto

    loading images

    Gonna have a look. Hang tight. First thing you should test: See if you have app.manifest -file there causing problems. So try comparing or deleting the manifest file if it exists.
  10. You only attached Unit1, so there's no way for me to properly debug. Here's my best guess: This is what Unit1 looks like in a new project. unit Unit1; interface uses Pseudo.CreateForms, // auto-generated unit that creates forms during startup System.Types, SmartCL.System, SmartCL.Components, SmartCL.Forms, SmartCL.Application, Form1; type TApplication = class(TW3CustomApplication) end; implementation end. While previously you created all the forms by code, it's now done by TW3Application itself. You can control it here: If you can't see all your forms there, try creating a new project and add your old existing forms to it. When Auto is checked in that list, TW3Application creates the form during startup. If you continue to have issues, you can send a zip of your project to jt at smartmobilestudio.com and I'll be happy to help.
  11. jarto

    Test of v3.0.0.216 - initial findings

    I just updated the alpha- and beta-channels. If you've done a portable installation with SmartUpdate, you can update by running it again. We went through all the demos and fixed and improved them. Also fixed the color picker bug. All the theming and display scaling related bugs had to go to out worklist.
  12. jarto

    Scroll bar bug

    I updated the alpha- and beta-channels, so you can download the fix already with SmartUpdate.
  13. New update available with SmartUpdate in both alpha- and beta-channels. The update contains lots of bug fixes to the IDE. Some are smaller, but the most important deals with debugging and breakpoints. With this update, breakpoints finally work as they should. The changes to background compilation also makes the IDE a lot smoother to use. We also went through all the demos, fixed and improved a bunch of them and added two new ones. Before updating, please delete the "Featured Demos" -folder to make sure that no old demos will remain after the update. Changelog: 15.7.2018 RTL: - ShowModal: Trigger a cancel if the user clicks on the opaque background. - Bug fixes to Scrollbars - Changed padding in all themes. - Previously all controls had default padding (usually 2px), including div. - Now only known controls have the default padding. - Bug fix to TW3Image.LoadFromStream() IDE: - Bug fixes and improvements to background compilation. - Fixes problems with setting breakpoints in the SMS IDE. - If debugging with breakpoints, code obfuscation and packing is switched off. - If execute was set to a browser, instead of embedded Chrome, closing the debugger window caused an exception. - Fix "code painting bug while scrolling" in SynEdit. - Color picker to work with styled application. Demos: - Added: - https server demo - ThemeView demo - Bug fixes and improvements to many demos.
  14. jarto

    mJSONP.Request problem

    Best way to get that JSON is by reading the contents with a normal TW3HttpRequest and converting it to a variant: uses ... SmartCL.Net.Http, System.Json; ... var JsonResponse: Variant; begin var Req:=TW3HttpRequest.Create; Req.OnDataReady := procedure(Sender: TW3HttpRequest) begin JsonResponse := JSON.parse(Sender.ResponseText); for var i:=0 to Length(JsonResponse.drzave)-1 do WriteLn(JsonResponse.drzave[i].naziv); end; Req.Get('');
  15. jarto

    Scroll bar bug

    This was a weird bug that required changes in SynEdit code itself. May be a Delphi bug even. But I got it fixed and it will be in 3.0