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  1. jarto

    FinalizeObject seems not to fire

    Seems like there are bugs in the Form freeing or unregistering code. I have to dig deeper to see what's going on. Thanks for reporting this.
  2. jarto

    Grid control

    I'll send a version to you.
  3. @sibar Thank you. I can reproduce the problem now. Edit: Fixed. Will be in the next update.
  4. jarto

    Grid control

    I have a pretty nice Grid component, which I have not been able to release yet as it has performance problems on iOS. I've been trying to find the reason but haven't found a solution yet. This is extra weird as it's extremely fast on Android and extremely slow on iOS.
  5. jarto

    License (Gumroad)

    Can you please send Jörn (ja at smartmobilestudio.com) an e-mail about this? Please tell him which e-mail address you have registered under Gumroad, so he can find your subscription.
  6. jarto

    RTL Class Browser stays empty

    Weird, that you did not see the DEVELOPMENT-channel. And even weirder that it pops up in full screen. Which Windows-version are you using? The MASTER channel is identical with the current release, so it's also a good one to follow. When you do a portable installation like this, the full installation is inside the folder you created and the RTL folder is right there. Nothing is installed to ProgramData or Program Files then.
  7. Hmm, I have problems reproducing this problem. @sibar do you have a test project that you could attach?
  8. jarto

    RTL Class Browser stays empty

    This is the folder that is used with current versions if you use the setup. Can you try this: Make a new folder anywhere you like (I will use D:\smsdev in this example) Download and save SmartUpdate.exe to this new folder https://s3.eu-central-1.amazonaws.com/smart-mobile-studio/download/SmartUpdate.exe Copy your user.lic from C:\ProgramData\The Smart Company\Smart Mobile Studio to this new folder Add a new Shortcut to your new folder and set Location: D:\smsdev\SmartUpdate.exe /changechannel /showhidden Name: Update SMS Double click on the shortcut to start SmartUpdate Click Next until you get to selection of channel Choose Development Click Next until Smart Mobile Studio has been downloaded and installed to this folder Now this folder will contain the latest development version, which I suggest you use. Make a new shortcut somewhere to start SmartMS.exe from that folder. To make sure that it stays fresh, run this "Update SMS" when I announce new changes here in the forum. Hope this helps.
  9. jarto

    RTL Class Browser stays empty

    Hi, Try doing a complete uninstall and then make sure to delete the "c:\programdata\Optimale Systemer AS" folder. Then reinstall. Or then use SmartUpdate to install from the development-channel. That way you can have several different versions of Smart Mobile Studio on different folders.
  10. jarto

    lamda doesn't highlight its end

    Thank you. I won't have time to check this right away, but good to know.
  11. jarto

    RTL Class Browser stays empty

    This usually means that there's errors in the RTL code. Have you done some own changes? I just tested with my install and the RTL Class Browser works fine there.
  12. Thank you. Gonna have a look at this.
  13. jarto

    SMS 3 + mORMot = Error

    Paging @warleyalex
  14. jarto

    Endpoints & Resources ?

    As you see above, the http server demo also does that. It builds the post data in the content-string. When all the data is read, the end-event is triggered. At that point you know that you have all the post data. The code can easily be changed to build the content as a stream.
  15. jarto

    Endpoints & Resources ?

    Well, you should always take what Jon says or writes with a grain of salt.
  16. jarto

    Enable User Selection of Text

    I don't know. Maybe because text in Delphi apps is not selectable as default? Anyway, I'd propose changing this so, that we don't prevent ContentSelectionMode even if cfAllowSelections is missing. And if cfAllowSelection is in creation flags, we could set ContentSelectionMode automatically to tmsAuto. What do you guys think?
  17. jarto

    Enable User Selection of Text

    @lynkfs In your example, the call to SetContentSelectionMode does not work as the RTL prevents it: procedure TW3TagObj.SetContentSelectionMode(const NewMode: TW3ContentSelectionMode); begin if (cfAllowSelection in CreationFlags) then begin var LValue := _Selection_Mode_Names[NewMode]; Handle.style['user-select'] := LValue; Handle.style['-moz-user-select'] := LValue; Handle.style['-webkit-user-select'] := LValue; Handle.style['-ms-user-select'] := LValue; Handle.style["-khtml-user-select"] := LValue; end; end; Pretty much all the components are created without cfAllowSelection, including TW3Panel and TW3DivHtmlElement. To be honest, I don't know why the RTL should make switching this on so hard. IMHO, we could remove that flag check from SetContentSelectionMode as that'd not magically let everything be selectable. What are your thoughts?
  18. jarto

    Enable User Selection of Text

    @DavidRM This works, if you don't use a span inside InnerHTML. I marked the changed lines. TPBTScrollItem = class(TW3CustomControl) protected FItemText: string; procedure InitializeObject; override; //<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< procedure SetItemText(aValue: string); public function CreationFlags: TW3CreationFlags; override; procedure UpdateDisplay; virtual; property ItemText: string read FItemText write SetItemText; end; procedure TPBTScrollItem.InitializeObject; //<<<<<<< begin inherited; //<<<<<<< SetContentSelectionMode(tsmAuto); end; procedure TPBTScrollItem.SetItemText(aValue: string); begin if aValue <> FItemText then begin FItemText := aValue; UpdateDisplay; end; end; function TPBTScrollItem.CreationFlags: TW3CreationFlags; begin inherited; Include(Result, cfAllowSelection); end; procedure TPBTScrollItem.UpdateDisplay; begin InnerHTML := TString.EncodeTags(FItemText); //<<<<<<< end; Edit: You may also want to use tmsText instead of tmsAuto.
  19. The Development-channel in SmartUpdate contains all the latest changes in Smart Mobile Studio. It's a good channel to follow for those who want all the new features and bug fixes right away, instead of waiting for the next formal release. To follow the Development-channel: Make a new folder and add: SmartUpdate.exe Your own user.lic from your current Smart Mobile Studio folder. To get all the latest changes in the Development-channel: Run: SmartUpdate /changechannel /showhidden When asked for which channel to follow, choose Development The purpose of this topic is to inform about all the new features and fixes.
  20. jarto

    Development updates

    New update available: RTL: New controls: TW3SpinButton, TW3ArrowUpButton, TW3ArrowDownButton, TW3ArrowLeftButton and TW3ArrowRightButton. Add 1px margin to TW3ButtonBorder to prevent the border from being clipped. Bug fixes to Tween.Effects IDE: Bug fixes and changes to renaming of forms: Renaming in Project Manager will not change form class any more. Form class name can be renamed in Object Inspector. Improvements to Project Statistics: Only count Total time when Smart Mobile Studio IDE has focus. Only Count Design time when changes are made in Form Designer. Add clear button. Component Palette: Added new controls New icons for many existing controls
  21. jarto

    RoadMap 2019

    Thank you. I really appreciate it.
  22. jarto

    RoadMap 2019

    We'll be able to improve documentation in about 2 months. I do agree that it's currently the area where we need to improve. While waiting for that, I'm doing my best to help users here in the Forum.
  23. jarto

    License (Gumroad)

    Hi, Gumroad's automatic license mailing has not been working for a long time. That's why we've moved all new purchases to Stripe. I'll ask Jörn to send the license to you asap. Sorry about the delay and the trouble. @jorn
  24. jarto


    Having a look at this now. This is pretty simple to handle by using TApplication.OnActivate and OnDeactivate. There's some more work to do also: Designing Time ticks all the time if the form designer is visible. It should react to changes just like Editing Time does. Build duration is not updated. The Statistics form could use a Clear-button.
  25. jarto

    Renaming form in ObjectInspector

    Thank you for your comments. @IgorSavkic's suggestion makes perfect sense. To sum this up: Rename from Project Manager: Change unit name Change file name NO changes to form class name Rename from Property Inspector: Change form class name NO changes to unit name NO changes to file name