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  1. Hello Lennart, yes I am quite foreigner to NodeJS architecture, so as far as I understand, I do not need to use threads and also I should not use. I did have a look to server examples but they are quite simple, I hope you will write more complicated examples. As for DB, I think I have to wait for a while more for a SQL Server connection wrapper. Thank you for your great explanation.
  2. Hello, 2 questions. * We can write a Http or Websocket server software via Smart Mobile Studio. Is it possible to connect SQL Server directly? * Can I create a thread to handle websocket messages?
  3. I think I have to use Application.Display.SetCapture to capture global mouse movements but after I do that, I can't capture any w3Panel's OnmouseDown event? It used to work fine. Did I miss something? Application.Display.SetCapture; Application.Display.OnMouseMove := DisplayMouseMove;
  4. Hello Lennart, thank you for your notice, I did not know second param's feature. I have changed form creation part, so application create forms automatically at the beginning and I have not had any problem so far. P.S Migrating from 2.2 to 3.0 beta 2 was quite easy, thank you for your great work.
  5. Hello, I managed to migrate my old 2.2 application to 3.00 beta 2 but gotoform is not doing anything? What can be the reason? It used to work. unit Unit1; interface uses Pseudo.CreateForms, System.Types, SmartCL.System, SmartCL.Components, SmartCL.Forms, SmartCL.Application, FrmMain, FrmOdaListesi, FrmSalon, FrmConnectionunit, FrmOkeyMasa; type TApplication = class(TW3CustomApplication) private FrmOdaListesi: TFrmOdaListesi; FrmSalon: TFrmSalon; FrmOkeyMasa: TFrmOkeyMasa; FrmConnection: TFrmConnection;
  6. Hello lennart, I did not know that I have to install ws package in to output directory. I did and it worked right away. Thank you.
  7. unit Unit1; interface uses NodeJS.Core, System.Types, System.Types.Convert, System.Objects, System.Device.Storage, System.Streams, System.Reader, System.Writer, System.JSON, System.IOUtils, SmartNJ.System, SmartNJ.Device.Storage, SmartNJ.Application, SmartNJ.Server.WebSocket; type TNodeProgram = class(TObject) private FServer: TNJWebSocketServer; protected procedure HandleServerStarted(Sender: TObject); public procedure Execute; constructor Create; virtual; destructor Destroy; override; end; imple
  8. Hi, I downloaded and tried to compile my old application but I think I could not find correct unit. I added System.JSON, System.Structure.XML, System.Structure.JSON but no luck.
  9. Is it possible to create SSL connection over websocket from Smart Mobile Studio? I send and recieve data via websockets and it works fine. But I want to add some security. If there is a possibility a simple example would be great.
  10. Hi, I put a tw3Image on form and I can move it via form's mouse events. But I can't do that after loading an image via loadfromurl. Mouse cursor turn into crno and not allowed me to move the object. is this a bug or am I missing somethings?
  11. bilcan

    Mouse coordinates

    Is there a function which give me current cursor pos? (Like Delphi TMouse.CursorPos) I'd like to know current mouse cursor pos unrelated any component.
  12. Hi, I worked on Drag and Drop demo for a while but I noticed that when I moving a component (w3panel, or w3Image) if I move a bit faster I lost the control of the object. Is there a way to prevent this or this is a known issue at Smart Mobile Studio?
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