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  1. Thank warleyalex The question is: Is there a way to read non-json text content from any website into a memo or variable using SmartMS? A procedure that works on non-IDE browsers. The documentation examples given are all based on JSON and require host server-side enabling. If its not possible I hope the next release of SmartSMS will fix this.
  2. I'm trying to download web text content into either a memo field or string variable. Most examples given in this forum and the documentation work on the IDE browser, but not on external Chrome, Safari or IE browsers. For example, this code works when I click Execute on SMS IDE, but doesn't work on external browsers: var v1, v2, v3: Variant; begin //get browser title v1 := W3IFrameHTMLElement1.Handle.contentDocument; W3Memo1.Text := v1.title; //get browser content v2 := W3IFrameHTMLElement1.Handle.contentDocument.documentElement; W3Memo2.Text := v2.innerHTML;
  3. Is there an easy way to detect is there is an internet connection - code could be useful before attempting connection to online webpage or online database action.
  4. I'm looking at some code from Lazarus / free Pascal for downloading web content into stringlist http://forum.lazarus.freepascal.org/index.php?topic=19685.0 Can this code be adapted to work on Smart Studio?
  5. The application runs properly in the internal browser and downloads web content into the memo using all three buttons. In the internal browser I have 4 web server URLs (the default is I have tested and the download works OK in the internal browser whichever URL I use. But if I run the index.html a normal (external) browser, there is no download. I have now tested with Chrome, IE, Safari & Opera - all fail to download. I have uploaded the www folder into my phone using a HTML5 wrapper, and when I open it doesn't work (behaves like an external b
  6. Somehow the code above doesn't work. I am using the trial license of the Profession edition version 2.1.2 I have tested on Chrome, Opera and IE - the web content loads in the FrameHTML and the third button clears the memo field, but the web content does not load into memo, That's the same memo loading problem I have with http://smartmobilestudio.com/documentation/networking/tw3httprequest/ Is it an issue with the trial license that will be resolved in the fully licensed Profession/Enterprise edition? here is my code: unit Form1; interface uses SmartCL.System, SmartCL
  7. Thanks on the JSON. Might you have sample code where I can download web text into a memo field? I can display results in the FrameHtmlElement - how can I read text from the browser (FrameHTML Element) into a memo field or variable?
  8. Also wanted to know how if this code can be used to download XML and RSS files - I have tried with these file types and it didn't work.
  9. The documentation demo posted on http://smartmobilestudio.com/documentation/networking/tw3httprequest/works - but not with all JSON files. It works with the file http://date.jsontest.com/but when I try a different JSON file the data is not displayed in the memo. For example, I'm trying to download the file http://api.worldbank.org/countries/all/indicators/SP.POP.TOTL?format=json from the World Bank open data but the file is not loaded into the memo field. Could it be the JSON format?
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