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Found 5 results

  1. Two bobs worth of thoughts on the interface between applications and databases. Every business today has its data stored in a number of databases. Whether SQL-based, proprietory, ms Office (Excel anyone ?), Hadoop on Google Cloud or whatever. On the application side apps need access to this data, and more often than not the data they need will reside in more than 1 datastore. The days that every application had its own private database are long gone. Which means we need something inbetween This middleware has the task of translating application requests into databas
  2. Delphi has a number of database components, which make it pretty easy to connect to external datastores. TDataBase, TTable, TQuery and TDataSource encapsulate database connections, provide access to tables directly or through queries, and provide the links to visual elements. I think it is feasible to construct something similar (and maybe even better) in Smart This post is an exploration on how this could look, proof of concept basically Please feel free to comment It should be possible to connect to a variety of external databases, like MySQL, Oracle etc, as long as they u
  3. Jon is still plugging away on the RTL Smart Mobile Grid part 3 Smart Mobile Studio Grid 2 Smart Mobile Studio Grid
  4. The usual way to access an external database from a html/js client is through ajax. However this requires server-side scripting (php) to connect to the db-server and echo query results back. The downside among others is the requirement for a separate php server. The other way is to use node.js server side, install a node.js mysql / oracle connector and set up the connection from the client. Downside is that it involves setting up a separate node server Devart (www.devart.com) supplies database connectivity components for delphi, lazarus, free pascal on windows, mac-os, android, ios
  5. A couple of links for whoever is interested in some simple SMS components : 1) www.lynkfs.com/components/MySQLDB/MySQLDB.pas A cross domain component which takes a SQL query on any existing MySQL database and returns the cursor in both a local Variant and an on the fly generated TDataSet. Superfluous to have both ways implemented, but just for fun Example of use of this component in ..../MySQLDB/TestMySQLDB.sproj How to make a standard memo data-aware : just drag this component and a Memo on a form and connect them as in .../MemoDB/TestMemoDB.sproj Preview in .../MemoDB/www/index.ht
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