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Found 5 results

  1. Reading up a bit on web design systems Basically web design systems are a collection of rules, components, tools etc helping developers to create a consistent look and feel for the websites or apps they are developing. This link links to the design system of the us gov. Whether or not one likes this system, it is certainly comprehensive. As an example I quite like f.i this site which conforms to these rules.

    TMS Web Core

    Anyone seen the new TMS Delphi to html/ JavaScript components? http://tmssoftware.com/site/tmswebcore.asp I think this product is still in closed beta, to launch in a few weeks.
  3. 43,550 choices to make The underlying motivation to start this thread was the realisation that there is a massive amount of functionality built into the modern browser. Play video, calculate font-size depending on viewport dimensions using vanilla css, automatically add amounts in table cells without using javascript, store user-data in elements - the list is almost endless. Much of this functionality is not natively exposed in smart pascal. So somewhat belatedly I had a bit of a better look at the web development basics. The 3 basic pillars are of course html, css and javascript.
  4. In the past I've produced some commercial websites using SMS and the full rtl But just now published the first multi-page fully responsive SMS generated website using the ribbon philosophy (see previous post) For demo see partial copy here (anonymised, home page and first product page only) The funny thing is that looking at the code, it's all very parametrised Typical ribbon-code looks like var rev01 := TElement.Create('div', rev00, 'div', props['review-title']); rev01.setProperty('color', '#8c7500'); rev01.setProperty('font', 'italic 43px "Old Standard TT", sa
  5. This is an addendum to my previous post The Smart visual components system is based on absolute positioning. Which is great in many cases for pixel perfect rendering under program control. This post is about relying on browser capabilities, which means the positioning default is not 'absolute' but 'static' (or 'absolute', or 'fixed') and the browser determines element positioning depending on context. So to have a certain degree of control, something else is needed. There are some great css frameworks available based on the flex-box element and I particularly like 'Frow', hos
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