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Found 11 results

  1. lynkfs


    Usually I try to steer away from external frameworks. They seldom provide exactly what is needed and are difficult to modify. An exception may be the ionic framework. It is an open source ui toolkit with some nice elements in it. The good thing is that their components subtly change depending on which platform they are used on. The following code uses 2 Ionic components : a button and an extremely elegant selector var iobutton : TIonicButton := TIonicButton.Create(self); iobutton.setbounds(100,100,100,35); iobutton.color := 'primary'; iobutton.fill := 'outline'; iobutto
  2. lynkfs

    menu component

    Probably not the most inspiring topic, but just sharing a menu component I needed for some project. There are quite a few css based menu components around, but I wanted to have a pure smart one. This one has an unlimited number of submenus and is instantiated as a hamburger menu on a toolbar Hamburger := TCHMenu.Create(self); //nodes : id,parent,description,procedure Hamburger.Add('root','','Hamburger menu'); //root Hamburger.Add( 'projects','root','Projects'); Hamburger.Add( 'project0','projects','New project'); Hamburger.Add( 'project1','projects'
  3. Just in case anyone has a need for a window component. (multiple windows, movable, resizable, bringtofront, minimise, close, maximise) project
  4. Question : is this article still the preferred way to develop visual components ? I developed some Material Design components some years ago (here and here) but they need to be ported to the latest rtl as they don't compile anymore. Hence this question. As an example I ported a simple component (switch) using the recipe in Jon's article and it works ok, see below Just a bit elaborate. unit Switch; /****************************************************************************** LynkFS / 20 - 11 - 2018 The Switch component consists of - a W3Panel as the main container fo
  5. Do we need a TSplitter. Obviously I had a need for one, so for me the answer is yes. I found a JSFiddle here (http://jsfiddle.net/kxr96dzg/1/) which does what I wanted. It is a standard front-end javascript/html/css fiddle where dom-layout, styling and positioning and logic is divided into 3 separate files. I find it always a bit hard to have to look in 3 different places to understand some piece of code, but luckily in Smart this can be centralised. This post is about converting this fiddle in a standard Smart new-alpha component, without making any major changes. Converting Ht
  6. lynkfs

    HTML Components

    I've built a suite of new HTML Components, targeted for quick and easy building of websites To test, I re-built the main pages of my own website using these components See www.lynkfs.com The good thing about these components is that they do not use the visual RTL objects at all, so are nice and light. The home page (index.html) for instance compiles to just 11K Most if not all of these components are composite, they are built up of multiple elements which means that page creation is a breeze The home page f.i. consists of just 5 components : a menu, a header, a product section
  7. IElite


    I needed a component that made it easier to place a lot of labels and TEdit controls on a form. So, I wrote this simple version of a TLabelEdit component it has the following public properties: property Label: TW3Label read fLabel; property Edit: TW3EditBox read fEdit; property Spacing: Integer read fSpacing write fSpacing; property Margins: Integer read fMargins write fMargins; Spacing - space between the Label and edit control only Margins - space on outside boundary of both the label and edit controls (i.e. space on left, right of both Label and Edit, as well as top of label a
  8. When you drop a control (e,g, TW3EditBox) on a form in design-time, there is a default control size. In the case of a TW3EditBox, it is (128X32). When you create the same control at runtime the size by default is (171X17) If I review the source code for the control, there is no default size set in (SmartCL.Controls.EditBox) or any of its ancestors Where do these default values some from?
  9. lynkfs

    Component styling

    For myself I've adopted the following recipe for component styling 1) Compose new components using any of the standard components, like w3Panel, w3Label, w3Button etc. The uptake is that this way new components auto-style according to the project theme and switching themes changes component styling automatically. Overriding properties where necessary of course. 2) Avoid themes outside the ones provided in SMS. I find external css files hard to read and comprehend, and I tend to steer away from them. The uptake is no external dependencies and also styling can be done in BEM format,
  10. A couple of more links for people interested in some bare-bones but functional SMS components : 1) www.lynkfs.com/components/Carousel/Carousel.pas An image carousel with choice of effects Example of use in ..../Carousel/Carousel.sproj Preview : ..../Carousel/www/index.html 2) www.lynkfs.com/components/PageControl/PageControl.pas A tabbed page component. Example of use in ..../PageControl/PageControl.sproj Preview : ..../PageControl/www/index.html 3) www.lynkfs.com/components/PopUpMenu/PopUpMenu.pas A simple pop-up menu Example of use of this component in ..../P
  11. A couple of links for whoever is interested in some simple SMS components : 1) www.lynkfs.com/components/MySQLDB/MySQLDB.pas A cross domain component which takes a SQL query on any existing MySQL database and returns the cursor in both a local Variant and an on the fly generated TDataSet. Superfluous to have both ways implemented, but just for fun Example of use of this component in ..../MySQLDB/TestMySQLDB.sproj How to make a standard memo data-aware : just drag this component and a Memo on a form and connect them as in .../MemoDB/TestMemoDB.sproj Preview in .../MemoDB/www/index.ht
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