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Found 2 results

  1. Is it possible to display a variable source HTML text content in the W3IFrameHTMLElement component, instead of pointing src to to a URL? What I want to achieve is displaying dynamic web content in the W3IFrameHTMLElement , generated from code (not in /res folder or external URL). I have tested CSS-based examples on http://stackoverflow.com/questions/9689109/how-to-display-javascript-variables-in-a-html-page-without-document-writewith no success. Is there a way of wrapping document.getElementById or document.querySelector calls in SmartMobileStudio's W3IFrameHTMLElement?
  2. I'm trying to download web text content into either a memo field or string variable. Most examples given in this forum and the documentation work on the IDE browser, but not on external Chrome, Safari or IE browsers. For example, this code works when I click Execute on SMS IDE, but doesn't work on external browsers: var v1, v2, v3: Variant; begin //get browser title v1 := W3IFrameHTMLElement1.Handle.contentDocument; W3Memo1.Text := v1.title; //get browser content v2 := W3IFrameHTMLElement1.Handle.contentDocument.documentElement; W3Memo2.Text := v2.innerHTML;
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