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Found 4 results

  1. Hello again. Is there any way to show a grid with the resizeable columns? I have tried TW3Grid adding columns and assigning their sizes. In resize I have assigned a percentage to each column (colCode = 5, colName = 80, colState = 15, for example) and I change the width to each of the columns: Grid1.Columns [n] .Width: = Grid.ClientWidth * colCode div 100, etc. The new columns are displayed correctly but those that already exist do not (it seems that the rows are simple concatenations of text). I do not know if it can be done with TW3CustomDBgrid, but I have not found examples. It is also impor
  2. I am still having a hard time with a Listbox and distinguishing between "touch" to select and item in a listbox on a desktop/laptop browser.....and "touch" to begin scrolling (e.g. on a phone/tablet) Using a basic example listbox with 100 items procedure TForm1.Resize; var i: integer; begin inherited; W3ListBox1.Clear; for i:= 1 to 100 do W3ListBox1.Add('Item ' + inttostr(i)); W3ListBox1.SetBounds(0,0,width,height); end; When a user is using the desktop/laptop browser, I need them to be able to use both mouse and touch (case their monitor is touch) to "scroll"
  3. I am trying to create a listbox that has an Image and Label on each item. The image is aligned left, and the label is aligned client. Why doesn't the code below work? I never get anything on the ListBox items (no images or labels) unit Main; interface uses SmartCL.System, SmartCL.Graphics, SmartCL.Components, SmartCL.Forms, SmartCL.Fonts, SmartCL.Borders, SmartCL.Application, SmartCL.Layout, SmartCL.Controls.Listbox, System.Colors; type TfrmMain = class(TW3Form) private {$I 'Main:intf'} fLayout: TLayout; procedure AddItem(Caption: String; Image: String);
  4. rocedure TForm1.InitializeForm; begin inherited; // this is a good place to initialize components W3ListBox1.Add('One'); W3ListBox1.Add('Two'); W3ListBox1.Add('Three'); W3ListBox1.Font.Name:= 'sans-serif'; //does not work W3ListBox1.Font.Size:= 8; //does not work //how do you center text? W3ListBox1.Font.Weight:= 'Bold'; W3ListBox1.Font.Color:= clRed; W3ListBox1.Styles.HighlightedColor:= clCyan; W3ListBox1.Styles.SelectedColor:= clYellow; end;
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