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Found 5 results

  1. Hi there, I'm having an issue where i have 2 Forms: A and B. Form B has multiple components on it and when i transition from Form A->B i need to remove several of them from Form B as I transition in (FormActivated). The issue is that Tw3ScrollBox (which the components are bound too) doesn't Resize it's content height correctly in time (ScrBox.UpdateContent) and as such the content height is much larger than the actual required space. As soon as a Resize is called this issue is rectified. When i try to recall the function that resizes the ScrBox normally or also with a tw3dispatch.s
  2. ok, i need to resize a control based on the layout dimensions. I also need it to resize when the layout dimensions change (e.g. turning device from profile to landscape) It was my assumption that you just check the dimensions of device and adjust accordingly e.g. if ClientHeight > ClientWidth then fHeader.Height:= ClientHeight Div 6 else fHeader.Height:= ClientHeight Div 8; However, where is the best place to put this? I have tried it in the Resize method before my layout resize and after my layout resize. It does not seem to work! Well, it works on the initial a
  3. I need to be able to align text in a TLabel or TLabelText vertically, to it's container. I also need it to word wrap. I am particularly interested in using the label in a Layout, and therefor should align vertically to the layout when it is resized. I also need the text to word wrap based on the width of the layout (i.e. no ellipsis or clipping of text) What is the best way to go about this? I know for a DIV element, in HTML, i can do this <DIV style="height:100px; background-color: red; text-align: center; vertical-align: middle; line-height: 100px;"> This is how you
  4. I have a TW3Scrollbox on my layout. On the scrollbox I have a TW3Image, which I am trying to place below a label (fDates) and center it in the Scrollbox. The images is 150 X 150. I can't seem to get the image to display in the correct position using setbounds. Its always off to the right. when I use showmessages to display the image width and height, those are off too. How do I get the image to be sized 150 X 150 and center in the scrollbox? procedure TfrmNavigation.ResizeContent; begin fImage.SetBounds((fScrollBox.Content.clientWidth div 2)-75, fDates.Top
  5. The Property Inspector of Form1 creates upon doubleclick the Event "OnResize" the procedure TForm1.Form1Resize() , but this procedure is never called upon resize. TForm1.Resize() is called instead in that event, but the Property Inspector is not aware of that.
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