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Found 2 results

  1. using the TW3Scrollbox's Vertical and Horizontal scroll bars work great with the mouse in a browser. Both the bars can be dragged with the mouse, and the arrows at each end can be clicked to move the bars. However, they are not working in my Android Device. Do I have to utilize the Scrollbox's OnGesture or OnTouch events? If so, how do I do so. Btw, the same thing for the TW3Memo control
  2. I have a TW3Scrollbox on my layout. On the scrollbox I have a TW3Image, which I am trying to place below a label (fDates) and center it in the Scrollbox. The images is 150 X 150. I can't seem to get the image to display in the correct position using setbounds. Its always off to the right. when I use showmessages to display the image width and height, those are off too. How do I get the image to be sized 150 X 150 and center in the scrollbox? procedure TfrmNavigation.ResizeContent; begin fImage.SetBounds((fScrollBox.Content.clientWidth div 2)-75, fDates.Top
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