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Found 4 results

  1. I've set an input field as follows: edPhoto1.InputType := itFile; w3_setAttrib(edPhoto1.Handle, 'id', 'cameraInput'); w3_setAttrib(edPhoto1.Handle, 'capture', 'camera'); w3_setAttrib(edPhoto1.Handle, 'accept', 'image/jpg'); But seem I can't retreive the selected file name in edPhoto1.Text or Value property.
  2. Demo When running program locally in the IDE's browser the keycode for enter is 13 as expected. When running program on chrome, mozilla or other browsers keycode = 69.
  3. IElite


    I needed a component that made it easier to place a lot of labels and TEdit controls on a form. So, I wrote this simple version of a TLabelEdit component it has the following public properties: property Label: TW3Label read fLabel; property Edit: TW3EditBox read fEdit; property Spacing: Integer read fSpacing write fSpacing; property Margins: Integer read fMargins write fMargins; Spacing - space between the Label and edit control only Margins - space on outside boundary of both the label and edit controls (i.e. space on left, right of both Label and Edit, as well as top of label a
  4. When you drop a control (e,g, TW3EditBox) on a form in design-time, there is a default control size. In the case of a TW3EditBox, it is (128X32). When you create the same control at runtime the size by default is (171X17) If I review the source code for the control, there is no default size set in (SmartCL.Controls.EditBox) or any of its ancestors Where do these default values some from?
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