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Found 3 results

  1. Promises are a javascript construct enabling async processes to be written in a synchronous manner (sort of). The status quo at this stage : - Promises are part of javascript since Ecmascript 6 - Promises are enabled in all major browsers - Promises work in node.js too (require('promise')) - Promises are not used in the rtl, or described in Smart documentation - There have been some posts on the forum re implementing promises (the best one : ) - The ecma.promise unit in the rtl is based on an older, incompatible, version of the current spec The subject of this post is t
  2. HTML5.2 was introduced a month or 2 ago, with a couple of new features. One of them being the payment request api. So basically it provides all the forms necessary to display a checkout, capture card info, addresses and shipping costs etc. The api is implemented in Chrome and Edge, but doesn't work (yet) in Firefox. Forms in these browsers are rendered somewhat browser specific : This includes validity check of cc details etc. I suppose in time there will be a "W3C.payment" file included in the API's/W3C subdirectory to help with structuring the payment requ

    Vibration API

    I am trying to use the vibration API on android phone but it's not working - seems there is something I'm not doing right I have tried the code below, but none is working. Is there a way to create vibration using SMS code without cordova plugin? asm navigator.vibrate(500); end; and asm window.navigator.vibrate([500]); end; and asm function vib() { navigator.vibrate([500]); } vib(); end;
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