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Found 5 results

  1. lynkfs

    Compiler woes

    The compiler in the latest alpha causes me grief. In previous versions the following code works fine : TLayer = Class(TObject) ... end; TNetwork = class(TW3CustomControl) public Layers : array of TLayer; Layer : TLayer; ... end; Layer := TLayer.Create; Layers.Add(Layer); In the current alpha this compiles fine too, but gives execution errors. After lots of sighs I got it to work again by changing the second to last line to Layer := new TLayer; don't understand why Another strange thing : 'ShowMessage' i
  2. A series of posts on how to build a Pascal interpreter Brilliant, hope the series (12 articles so far) runs to the end https://ruslanspivak.com/lsbasi-part1/#
  3. There have been some passing references to Googles Closure Compiler in this forum http://forums.smartmobilestudio.com/index.php?/topic/4097-sms-lose-weight/?hl=closure&do=findComment&comment=17630 http://forums.smartmobilestudio.com/index.php?/topic/3970-secure-obfuscation-for-urls/?hl=closure&do=findComment&comment=17051 This amazing compiler does the following So a new visual project with a simple button compiles to a main.js file of 266 kB uncompressed Pushing this file through the Closure compiler reduces the filesize to 53 kB, which is a 80% saving Not
  4. Hi, there’s potencial issue when we use static array with an anonymous class (the buddha class), for instance: var preloaded = class values : array [0..4] of array [0..1] of Integer = [ [0, 100], [1000, 200], [2000, 300], [3000, 400], [4000, 500] ]; end; WriteLn(JSON.stringify(preloaded)); {“values”:[[4000,500],[1000,200],[2000,300],[3000,400],[4000,500]]} and an workaround should be… var valor: array [0..4] of array [0..1] of Integer = [ [0, 100], [1000, 200], [2000, 300], [3000, 400], [4000, 500] ]; begin var preloaded2 = class values := valor; end; WriteLn(JSON.string
  5. Dan

    comparing delegates

    hi, is it possible to somehow compare two delegates like in the following example: type TMyProc = procedure; ... var p0, p1: TMyProc; begin p0 := @Proc0; p1 := @Proc1; if p0 = p1 then begin //case 1 end else begin //case 2 end; end; what I get is a compiler error. but is there any way to do this at all (this is obviously supported by both fpc and delphi so I was quite surprised that it didn't work with smsc)?
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