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Found 2 results

  1. lynkfs


    I recently revisited the console object, available in all browsers, and discovered some newbies I didn't know about. The methods and properties below may be sometimes useful for debugging purposes. The console object is tied to the global window object, so access either by browserapi.window.console.log('whatever'); or define a reference to the window object : var window external 'window': variant; and call like window.console.dirxml(self); Some console methods are wrapped in SmartCL.System (like writeln ea) and SmartCL.Console The console.dirxml() above gives an xm
  2. Every now and then (not often) it is worthwhile to check what a compiled function actually looks like. An easy way to do that is to use the toString method function test(a:string): string; begin result := 'Da'+a; end; Procedure TForm1.ListProc; begin console.log(test('da')); //"Dada" asm console.log( (@test).toString() ); end; //lists compiled external function 'test' asm console.log( (this.ListProc).toString() ); end; //lists compiled procedure TForm1.ListProc asm console.log( (this.@InitializeForm).toString() ); e
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